July 15, 2024
kind of sex women enjoy

A man is most likely to say, “Sex is like pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”

Some parts of the pizza will still be tasty morsels while other parts are bad. Even when you get some bad pizza, you are always willing to buy some more the next time. When it comes to sex, well, it’s best that men find out what types of sex women really do enjoy – Or how they need to be treated to really enjoy sex with their guy. After all, 85% of men reportedly reach orgasm during sexual encounters. They are pretty much optimistic when it comes to sex, no matter the style.

Heterosexual men need to know that it’s their other half that makes it all happen in the bedroom. For a woman, a guy also has to know how to push the right buttons to get the best tasty morsels, their favorite, juicy slices. He needs to know what sex a woman enjoys.

Every woman differs when it comes to sex

What a woman really wants in the bedroom is a certain kind of behavior when it comes to sex. They want to feel loved, desired, and appreciated. And if they are 100% sure of that knowledge, you can pretty much be sure you will get a piece of the pizza.

Each woman differs in what really gets her sexual juices flowing. Luckily for a guy, there are certain things the majority of women crave in the bedroom and we have mentioned them above. Women want men to know that their sexual pleasure should be a top priority to their men.

A guy will have to throw in those kinds of moves if he wants to cater to her sexual tastes. It’s really more about your behavior and feelings toward her than the actual sex that will get you places!

Let’s check out 7 types of sex that are needed to satisfy your lady

1. You should be spontaneous in your gestures and sex

Women love and long to feel that they are sexually desired and wanted by their partners. If she turns him on that way, and he wants to make love to her with spur-of-the-moment sex, she will appreciate that. She will probably be a willing recipient. When sex with her is unplanned and happens spontaneously, you are showing her that you are attracted to her big time. She will be further turned on if you tell her you need her right there and then. That can bring in added excitement at the prospect of doing it in a place where you didn’t even expect it. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that women fanaticize about having sex in public. It makes them feel special.

2. Hotel Sex

Women love hotel sex; the thrill of anonymity, the hint of luxury, and the novelty of doing the deed in an unfamiliar location. They love the fantasy of being Pretty Woman; desired, chased, and spoiled rotten! So whether you book a romantic getaway or grab a quick room for some afternoon fun and delight, a change in scenery makes even vanilla sex super special. The fresh sheets, room service, and the fact that you had such a romantic encounter will make that memory stand forever! In a hotel room, you feel liberated and chosen.  You can leave all your cares behind and excitedly put up that Do Not Disturb sign to sink into waves of pleasures, adoration, and bliss.

3. Rough Sex

Look, women don’t want roughness from men in the outside world, generally speaking. But when it comes to sex, she will love it when you play rough in bed. It turns women on to be sexually dominated by their partners. It makes them feel sexually desired as if they are the real source of your wanting to dominate and be rough with them; to ravish them like in the romantic novels. Don’t forget you can only do this with her permission. Also, find out if your particular woman likes it rough. Engaging in power play makes it fun and exhilarating for her. If she likes it a bit rough, you could tug her hair a bit. Or you could try some spanking; maybe bring out some handcuffs and blindfolds. You might be so good for her; she might even call your name out in a moment of unbridled passion!

4. Sensual Sex

Men assume that women want sensual sex. It is true that women long for romance. They want to feel that this man they are with adores them and can’t do without them. So to have sensual sex, you need sensual gifts to show her you adore her. Therefore, bubble baths, flowers, chocolates, and candles. These are all tell-tale signs for her that you love her, and that she is the only one! She wants to know that you have all night to focus on her pleasure. So shut off the cell phones, turn off the television set, and other distractions to reach new levels of intimacy with your lady.

5. Foreplay

Foreplay is the bread and butter of courting and winning over a woman. It will set the foundation for an evening of sensual sex. A guy has to go slowly here, building up her anticipation and delight during the day already. That means, later on, he can explore all of the erogenous zones on her body.

6. Oral Sex

If sex is like pizza, pretty good, that includes oral sex as well. And women love oral sex when their guy has given them all the right attention and care. If you are one of those guys who go down on your partner on a regular basis, and she loves it, then you are doing everything right. You are giving all her sensitive areas, and particularly the star of the show, the clitoris, plenty of stimulation and care. You probably go slowly, building up anticipation and paying attention to how she responds. Oral sex is all about investing time and effort into your partner’s pleasure. She will appreciate your care about her orgasm as much as your own.

7. A Good conversation is a great Aphrodisiac

Many women find a good conversation a huge turn-on [2]. Talking and feeling loved and attended to are all very important to her. A good conversation between her and her guy while relaxing is a great aphrodisiac. A man could tell reassure his woman how much he loves her at these times, which acts as wonderful reassurance to her. Remember, that women love cuddling, holding hands, and kissing; the joy of touching.


Understanding what women want isn’t really hard. In fact, if men pay enough attention, they can really know what women’s actions are telling them, particularly in bed. Sex will turn out way more exciting when a man can figure out what a woman wants.  The above saucy ways to have sex will follow when she is happy, content, and feels loved and cared for. And if you follow the above, you can have the same lusty sex in bed and score big time. Go forth and show her that you know exactly how to please her and pique her pleasure. Then you can probably tuck all seven saucy sex types under your belt and have her coming back for more!