July 15, 2024
foreplay with women before sex

When it comes to sexual foreplay, men and women don’t often see eye to eye. Men don’t really need foreplay to get right down to sex, but women, on the other hand, need plenty of foreplay. It is very important for women to have successful foreplay. It does mean better sex later on. She needs to become aroused, first, and that is what will lead to her having an orgasm. For women, foreplay serves an emotional and a physical purpose [1]. Both her mind and body become prepared for sex.

So what is meant by foreplay?

Many women need to be almost pampered, as if they are the most important person to you. They want to be hugged, kissed, talked to, caressed, and massaged. A bit of humor thrown in is also part of foreplay. All of these things prepare her vagina to become lubricated. Because when you enter her, it is not painful or off-putting, because she is already turned on by the foreplay you have provided before the sex. You see, a women needs plenty of emotional assurance that the man she is going to have sex with her really wants her, wants to be with her, is attracted to her!

Did you know there are benefits to foreplay?

Doing anything that’s sexually arousing to a woman helps her vagina to become lubricated. That is also arousing for her partner, and it also helps him to maintain his erection. Dr. Debby Herbenick says that when a man has difficulty achieving a climax, he will find it easier if he and his partner engaged in foreplay before sex. And for women, it makes sex more pleasurable. “When a woman’s body becomes aroused, the vaginal muscles pull the uterus up a bit, making more room in the vagina,” says Dr. Herbenick. Foreplay also helps both partners to feel more intimate and closer, and this leads to both of them feeling more aroused. Foreplay is simply all about building an emotional connection with the women you are going to have sex with.

Here are our 8 fab foreplay tips for future fun!

1. Is the environment ready for a sexual encounter?

The moment a woman enters your digs, she is going to be aware of the environment and if it is conducive to sex. Women are distracted by their environment. So if you are going to invite her into your home and your bedroom, you need to clear the clutter, fix the sheets, and tidy up. Also, set the stage for sex and romance. For instance, light a candle, turn some soft music on and turn off your phone. Then she might know you care.

2. Make her G-spot and clitoris en-route stops, not the starting points

Remember the dessert comes after dinner! The G-spot and the clitoris are very important points on a woman’s body. But don’t just go there straight away. Foreplay [2] before sex is getting her warmed up. If you dive straight into the clitoris and get to the G-spot immediately to arouse her, you might be disappointed – because she might not yet be aroused.

3. That means building the anticipation and slowing down your eagerness

It is true; you are probably very excited to get going. But go slow – you want to build up something important here and that is the pleasure of anticipation. When it comes to sex, when you slowly let that sexual tension build up where you are both in heightened states of pleasure, the anticipation is oh so pleasurable. For some guys, it is hard to try and slow down, particularly if foreplay is a two-way street and she is doing her job of stimulating you too.

4. Communication, communication, and communication

Your main goal here is to arouse her so that you both can have pleasure. If you somehow find it hard to discover what she likes, then just ask [3]. Women appreciate straightforward questions; it shows her that you want to please her and that will already be a turn-on her for. But don’t ask juvenile-type questions as if you are highly inexperienced. Some women love dirty talk as well thrown in. If you want to know what type of questions you could ask, ask things like ‘show me where you want my hand’ or ‘do you like it when I rub your breasts like this?’

5. Dirty talk

Dirty talk can follow talking with your babe as you see she is becoming aroused. You will be heating things up quite a bit before you get to the bedroom and start taking her clothes off slowly. Also whisper in her ear what you plan to do to her, and she won’t be able to say no as she follows you onto the bed.

6. Get clean, groomed, and sexy

Oh yes, that goes without saying. But we will repeat it here. Because you, as a man will expect and want your babe to have beautifully smelling sexy skin, with a nicely manicured surprise for you under very sexy panties, don’t you? And the same goes for you. When you smell very nice, and you have sexy underwear, these go a long way in arousing a woman … for sure!  Clean breath, clean, bright smile … manicured nails – they turn a woman on big time.

7. Allow her to take the lead too if she wants to

Maybe you’re one of the guys who like to lead and have it your way in the bedroom. But sometimes if you give your partner some of the lead along the way, you might be in for some big arousal time. You can show her what you like so that she initiates some foreplay too. Often it is a big turn-on for her when she knows that you love what she is doing because she initiated it!

8. Look her in the eye

While it might not be such a big deal for you, women really love it when a guy looks her right in the eye while he having sex with her. It makes her feel as if she is important to you and it guarantees a higher level of pleasure for women. So keep on with the passionate gazing as you work on her hot, eagerly-awaiting naked body.


Sensual foreplay is all about passionate touch – it does not always involve the genitalia at all. In fact, kissing is one of the oldest forms of sensual foreplay for women, and how you kiss speaks volumes to a woman. Slobbering her face is not her idea of being kissed, but kissing her firmly but gently, with kisses that stray to her neck, ears, and cheeks will start to set her off for the day. Don’t forget that foreplay doesn’t start a few minutes before you intend to have penetrative sex. It starts hours before that magic moment, outside the bedroom, before you even start with that first kiss. 

If you have disregarded her for a good part of the day and been too busy to give her the attention she craves, then you might not find her an easy giver later on, no matter how good your foreplay is then. With experienced and meaningful foreplay, that starts long before the actual sex act, it is practically guaranteed that the sex to come later on will be nothing short of a hugely passionate, joyful success!