July 15, 2024
Legs-On-Shoulders Sex Position

Most people have a favorite sex position. It’s probably the position that makes them feel the best and the most comfortable. But it is also probably the position that hits the spot – the one where they can experience an intense orgasm from.

So there are plenty of couples that are quite happy to stay with what works for them. But then you get the more adventurous couples, the ones that want to take things to even new levels and try new stuff. They don’t want to miss out on the fun and the stuff that really blows their minds when they orgasm. One of these positions that is really a raunchy position and does that is called The Hook, or the Legs-on-Shoulders sex position.

What is the Leg-on-Shoulders sex position about?

It starts off with the man being on top of the woman, just like in the missionary position. She will be lying on her back on the bed. She will “hook” her legs up over his shoulders so that her ankles are resting on his shoulders. He will lean over her and support his weight on his hands and then he will straddle her between her open thighs. Don’t worry; we’ve got a pic here to show you how it’s done.

In this position, the woman can hold her guy’s thighs or waist to guide him into her. She will feel him deep inside her in this position as it’s a deep penetration position. For even more pleasure she can cross her ankles at his neck. In doing this, she will feel her vaginal canal tighten to keep him comfortably in.

Rachel Hoffman is a sex therapist, and she told Bustle that the legs-on-shoulder position or the Hook position is a position that couples should find worth trying. She says that it’s a more advanced form of the Missionary position.

Why Legs-On-Shoulders is an ideal position to try

This position is turning out to be perfect for couples because it definitely adds some oomph to the eye-to-eye contact positions. Rachel even suggests that this position, although suitable for any time of the year, might work out even better in the chillier months. It heats you up in more ways than one! 

Lots of couples still enjoy the Missionary position and many are nervous to make big changes in the bedroom. Sometimes they know what they like and what gives them pleasure, and they prefer it like that. They feel that there is no reason to get “hooked” to other positions. But this position is a small change that can bring some great rewards. And for many, just the thought of a little variation to the Missionary; gives them a bit of a kick.

This position also keeps you connected to your partner

While the guy is rocking back and forth, the girl will be making the most of the pleasures that are felt with all that deep penetration. The sexual payoffs with this position are anything but small. Just a small change in the angle of the position can unlock different sensations that will suit both partners.

You can go further and add some sex toys for this position

You might love the thought of trying The Legs on Shoulders position just as it is. Or you might want to go the full hog of the position by deciding to spice it up even further with a toy or two. Maybe a vibrator can be something you haven’t tried before. You might just love the thought of introducing it into this new sex position. Look at these small vibrators. Small, but they offer dynamic results and great pleasures. What toys can do is heighten the intense orgasms that you want to experience with this position. The Legs-on-Shoulders position is a very hot position, and very popular, so you might not feel the need to even want to spice it up at all with toys. Whatever your decision is though, it is worth a shot.

Conclusions reached about the Legs-on-Shoulders position

  • This is a great position for the man to take a lot of control and to ‘bang the girl hard’ as one student says.
  • If the girl keeps her legs closer together as in this position, the man with a smaller penis will also offer shallower sex, and this is also what a lot of woman love because then she stimulate her clitoris with a vibrator at the same time.
  • When the man leans backward, he actually puts more pressure on the girl’s G-Spot, stimulating it a whole lot more.
  • Some couples said that even though they found this position to be extremely hot and sexy, they found it to be a less intimate position, as the couple is not really that close together. Unless the man leans right over the girl.
  • It is not necessary for the girl to keep her legs straight in this position. Instead, she can bend her knees. This will take some of the strain off her bum and hamstrings.
  • Remember to use plenty of lube for this position, because it really is a deep penetration position. Go slowly at first so as to avoid any discomfort. Have you heard of pegging before? Because heterosexual men are starting to love pegging too. It’s the practice where the woman is the one who anally penetrates a man. What!!! – You say. Yes, but she has a strap-on on! And the man’s prostate gets stimulated which gives him great pleasure. But that’s a topic for another day.


One sex coach and clinical sexologist, Lucy Rowett, says that she advises lovers to “transition from doing missionary, whereby the receiving partner on their back shuffles their legs onto their partner’s shoulders”.

She says that the biggest benefit of this position is the ability of the man to go really deep during penetration. But additionally, because the girl’s legs are in a more narrowed position, it also narrows the vaginal and anal canal somewhat, it makes the man’s “penis feel bigger”, says another sex and relationship expert, Ryn Pfeuffer. He says, “Putting your legs over your partner’s shoulders creates the potential for deeper penetration than what straight-up missionary allows.”  So there you have it. It sounds like the Legs-on-Shoulders is not a position to pass by!