June 25, 2024
Piledriver Sex Position

This sex position, if you are agile and flexible, can not only stimulate your body – but it definitely is great for G-spot and prostate gland simulation. This is no laid-back position though, and people with back problems need to be wary of it first. For you there are safer variations we would love to show you – you won’t be left out! Actually, the Piledriver position is quite a hard sex position to master.  Many couples, when they see it, are up for experimenting with it; they love the thought of being athletic and adventurous. Are you such a couple? Well, OK then, the Piledriver will drive you wild!

How to do it (This position is for any gender, but we are just using ‘girl’ and ‘guy’ for convenience’s sake)

Both partners should be flexible for this position. The girl will lie on her back with her knees bent. She will then kick her legs up and backward to almost be in a ball position (see pic).  She will be balancing herself on her shoulders, holding her butt up in the air.  The guy will be facing her. His knees will be bent so that he can almost sit on the girl’s butt and aim his penis into her vagina or anus. He will need to use caution when thrusting in because of the angle. He won’t want to endure any penile fractures which can happen if attention is not given. It won’t be easy for him to bend his erect penis into his girl’s vagina or anus if he is at a difficult angle. That could cause pain. He might have to lean forward to insert at the right angle.

plie position

Both partners will need to maintain their balance during the position because if you lose balance the whole position will be lost. You’ll need to rely on each other for support to keep your position.

Are there any benefits to this position?

  • The piledriver position will give a woman deep penetration into her vagina or anus. Some people will find this very arousing and extra pleasurable, says Rachel Needle, a sex therapist, and psychologist.  
  • The piledriver also allows penetration from several different angles. This will mean, from the moves that the guy makes, whether the G-spot will receive extra stimulation, which the girl will love.

Just remember that if you do have issues with your back, this position can hurt the back of the girl. But then, you do get sex cushions which work wonders in supporting the body in difficult positions. Read about the wonders of these sex cushions and how they can relieve tension, pain, and aches. Even a rolled-up towel can be helpful if you are without sex cushions. Being a sex position that requires stability and flexibility, the Piledriver will not be easy to sustain for long periods of time.

Tips to get the most out of the Piledriver

Go slow: Rushing into this position could cause you to get hurt. You will need to listen to your body and go at a comfortable pace. Because you do require a bit of physical strength to pull it off. As a sexpert, Laurie Mintz says, “People doing it in porn scenes have been trained to do it, and may be considered trained athletes in this regard.”

Communicate: It’s always a top priority to communicate with your partner before starting any sex position. This one is no different. The man who is doing the penetrating has most of the control when thrusting his penis in and out. The girl will need to let her guy know if her back or her neck is feeling the pain. Maybe she does not even relish the idea of deep penetration because it might feel uncomfortable to her and is actually painful for her.

Switch it up if you need to: It does not mean that if the position is uncomfortable or painful for any of the partners you just have to abandon it. That’s the beauty of this position in that it might mean shifting the body a bit or just gliding into another position from there that you are used to or like. It’s important that you enjoy yourself and feel the sensations that you love. That’s the main thing. Here are the names of other similar type sex positions that you might want to glide into that might be easier for you and your partner:

  • Deckchair – This is another position where the girl supports the guy’s weight.
  • Anvil – In this position, the man is facing you as he leans over the girl.
  • Brute – This time the man faces away from the girl.

Are there any variations to the Piledriver?

You might even decide you and your partner love the variations more so we are going to give you a couple to try.

Upside Down Piledriver

  • The receiver starts in a table-top position on her hands and knees.
  • She will straighten her legs and lift her butt upwards and backward into a downward doggy position.
  • The guy will stand behind her and penetrate her from behind.

The Lying Down Piledriver

  • The girl lies on her back with her knees bent.
  • She then raises her legs up, bringing her knees near her face.
  • Her back is flat on the bed.
  • The man will then kneel in front of his partner, facing her, and penetrate from that direction.
  • The girl can rest her legs on her guy’s shoulders if she likes it better like that.


The Piledriver sex position is an exotic position, requiring quite a lot of flexibility. It’s not even an easy position to get into. Once you are in the position, it can prove to be quite uncomfortable as well. If you are both lovers of vaginal sex and anal sex, you will find the Piledriver very adventurous and very rewarding as it helps the girl to have her G-spot stimulated by the man’s downward penis thrusting very deeply in. Remember, it should be fun and enjoyable, so go carefully and slowly, and don’t forget to communicate. If you are an adventurous couple, you will know about seeking thrills, but also being careful.

The experts agree that it is a doable sex position as long as participants are patient, flexible, and active people. If you have back, knee, and neck problems, its best you go extremely slowly with the position to see if those bodily parts can handle it. Otherwise, that’s the Piledriver for you. Have fun!