April 23, 2024
Inverted Missionary Sex Position

There are plenty of sex positions. But the Missionary position to this day, even though it’s an old traditional sex position, remains one of the sought-after sex positions. Sometimes people today, with so many sex positions on offer, want to try them out. They might have been longing to become more adventurous in the bedroom. Some of them feel in a bit of a sexual rut. They’re not looking for stuff where they have to be super fit or contort their bodies in all directions.

Fortunately, there is one position that fits the bill perfectly. It’s called the inverted missionary position. Just wait till you try it! What you going to add here is the same intimacy and passion as the traditional Missionary, just something more explosive, passionate, and pleasurable. You want something that you will want to go back to. And best of all, it doesn’t require swinging from the chandeliers.

You don’t want stagnation to settle into your relationship, do you?

The key to avoiding stagnation is to make time for each other. It is realizing that keeping sexual intimacy alive and fresh is very important. Both partners need to realize how important it is because they both need to put in equal amounts of time and care.

Trying new sex positions is one way of ramping things up, but there are other things too

There are quite a lot of ways a couple can do so that they can have a healthy sex life. Some people love the idea of role-playing in sex play. Some love dirty talk. Then there are toys that you can add to your playing. But when all is said and done, there is still one top thing that you need whichever sex games you are playing. And that’s communication. So for instance, you need to even talk to each other about trying out this special sex position. Talk about how you want to try it out and where and when.

You will love the sexual adventure of the inverted missionary position

Reverse missionary sex is when the woman is on top like in the pic above. For instance, if you were doing the regular missionary sex position, it would simply be a case of just spinning over. Then it would be the guy on his back. The reverse missionary position is just giving everything a sexy twist.

Of course, there are other versions of the reverse missionary position as well

All the different versions and variations are so easy to remember because they just stem from the typical missionary sex position. In many instances, it is the man who is on top of the woman. When the woman is on the top and the man at the bottom, that’s when it will be a variation of the missionary position.

Don’t worry about the specifics

When you try the inverted missionary position out for the first time, you might get worried that you are doing it all wrong. Don’t worry though – rather go into it for the sheer adventure and fun of it rather than thinking that you probably look awkward and therefore it embarrasses you. Here we have some helpful tips when trying out his position to maximize the pleasure:

1. Get warmed up first

No sex position is really going to be the best if you just plunge into it straight away, so to speak. And with Inverted Missionary, it’s the same. Remember about foreplay first. Foreplay is so intimate and sexy; it can’t but help to warm a person up, both sexually and physically! Throw in some slippery lube because the slip-and-slide sensations can make the sex ever so much more sensational as well.

2. Set the mood

The Reverse Missionary position requires a lot of contact with each other. Because it is a very passionate position, you will want to set the mood. Put your special romantic or passionate music on, add some candles, and with the super sexy setting charged up for your sexy moves, it should turn out very well!

3. Dirty talk adds to the mood of this sex position

Because it is a very intimate position and you two are up close and personal, this is the ideal chance for you to tell them all the things you love about them. Whisper your sex talk in each other’s ears because this is the perfect position to do that too. Maybe you are new to dirty talk, but you could start by just instructing them in sexy tones about where they can touch you or what they can do to you and what you like. Just see what excitement this adds to the picture.

4. Move your hips and get swaying

The best part about this position for women is it’s wonderful for grinding actions. All the grinding puts pressure on the G-spot.  Take full advantage of this opportunity.

5. Let your hands wander

Since you are touching your partner with basically your entire body, enjoy every moment. Just touching in itself is very romantic, very intimate, and arousing – Like running your hands over their chest and arms, or through their hair. Don’t just let your arms remain motionless. Let your fingers do the walking and some of the talking!

6. Lady in control!

With the woman on top in this position, she is in charge. She is able to move in any way she pleases and completely takes over. Not only is this really sexy and empowering for her, but for her partner as well. It will surely make the sex hotter and much more passionate.

We’ve got three other variations for you to try that you will love


The girl crosses her legs around her partner’s waist. This pushes the man’s penis deeper inside her, doubling the pleasure and doubling the penetration.


It’s called yawning, but we promise, you won’t be yawning with this one. Her legs are just spread far and wide like they are yawning! That makes a clear passage for her guy to enter in and finish the race.

Launch Pad

In this position, the girl’s legs are folded and resting on his chest. He gets a wonderful entrance to reach inside. And with that slight push from her feet, the adrenaline is on to finish this one!


Both partners in the inverted missionary position can grind their bodies together in the same rhythm. Any one of the partners in this position can take control of the angle, rhythm, and intensity of the sex. When the woman is on top in this position, the power is pretty much equal.

For this position, toys are a welcome addition because there is plenty of room for the partners to move. One such toy is the vibrating Juke C-Ring which will give some more buzzy experience. Couples do love the inverted missionary position before it allows for fantastic G-spot and clitoral stimulation too. When you two are warmed up and aroused, add some lubricant also to the fireworks happening for some explosive sex and orgasms!