June 25, 2024
Kinkiest Sex Positions

“Do you want to play this game?” he continued …

Do you want to find something in the bedroom that really turns you on, some really sexy moves that you and your partner can experiment with? Well, stick around, because not only are these ones adventurous and sexy, but they are kinky as well.

People are only just starting to emerge from the coronavirus which wreaked havoc on many people’s sex lives. In fact, there was no time for love and sex if you had kids, pets, and old people to take care of. And for those people whose diaries came to a standstill and stood empty because they were staying at home, many took to the internet; porn, and social media.

Some were hugely excited by what they saw, positions like Splitting Bamboo and the Scissors Seesaw positions, and more. Some have realized time is short; they long for some craziness, kinkiness, and excitement in their sex lives as if to catch up on what they have lost out on.

What is kinky sex?

Kinky sex [1] actually covers a whole host of sexy things. It can come in the form of BDSM, power play, role play, and fetish. Often it can be confusing to understand exactly what counts as kinky sex, and how you can do it yourself. So if it’s your first time looking for some kink in your sex life, or you want to know more how to do it safely, here is important stuff to know. It’s also important to acquaint yourselves with all there is to know about kinky positions with your partner.

Some ’50 Shades of Grey’ Saucy kinky tips to try out before we give you the positions

But read all about them in full detail here!

  • Exciting foreplay is not only for the bedroom, in fact, it is required from morning to night.
  • Enjoy nipple playing – with ice. Because all women know the sensations that flow through their bodies when their breasts and nipples are sucked and stimulated.
  • Hair pulling:  A man will love it if a woman grips his hair and bring his face between her breasts.
  • Get creative with some bondage:  There’s no need to rush off to the sex shop to buy equipment if you fancy the idea of being tied up.  Try a tie or a thong or a belt – think outside the box.  This can rev up people to be hugely sexually aroused.
  • Use a T-Shirt to blindfold your partner: A man will adore his babe’s sexy use of blindfolding him with her or his own clothing. It kind of boosts their control and confidence in this game where you kind of want to get down and dirty immediately.

We’ve got some real kinky sex positions to show you

Splitting Bamboo

This one offers plenty of clitoral stimulation with internal pleasure for both partners. This one is all about deep penetration too, which both of you will love. For this one, the girl will lie on her back. The man will lean above her. He will straddle one of her legs. He will lift her other leg to lie against his shoulder. The girl can make circular movements with her hips and enjoy the sensation of rubbing against her guy’s leg.

Smile Driver

Who doesn’t love a bit of oral sex pretty much a lot of the time? Well, then you’re gonna love Smile Driver. The guy lies on his back on the edge of the bed. The girl will get on top of him but in the 69-position. Then the guy will stand up but he will be holding her tight. Remember, as he stands up the girl will be facing downwards. OK, it’s not the easiest of positions but plenty of oral sex is available in this kinky position.

Discovery Channel

This is a sex position that stimulates the G-spot. That’s because it has sexy deep penetration. The girl will stand with her back to her partner, but she will then go down on her hands and knees. Once on all fours, she will slide her arms forward in a leaning forward position. Then the guy will come up behind her and penetrate her with downward movements.

Scissor Seesaw

To get into position, the girl will lie on her back. Her legs will be up in the air and crossed over. He will come up facing her bum in the air and raise her feet higher so her bum is lifted up and her feet are resting on his torso. Check out the pic. As she holds on to her ankles, he will open and close her legs like scissors cutting, while he is thrusting in and out of the girl.

The Technical Challenge

This sex position will take you both to new levels of pleasure, even though it’s not such an easy one to master. But you’ll see it will be worth the effort. Both of you will sit down, facing each other. The girl will wrap her legs around her partner’s waist. You will need to shift close together so that he can enter the girl. Both partners should use their hands to keep themselves stable.

Taking your relationship to a kinky level won’t be intimidating if you are longing to make your sex more adventurous, erotic, and exciting – and of course, kinky. If you are in a serious relationship, if you talk to your partner about your preferences and kinks will help you both to feel more connected to each other. That’s what Kate Balestrieri, licensed psychologist and a certified therapist says. She adds that “Introducing kinkier elements into your sex life together can create a sense of adventure and deepen the sense of trust.”


Whatever your brand of kink is, and before presenting your partner with all your bondage gear and ideas of a ‘different’ New Year, you will also need to make sure of a couple of things. You will need to be on the same page as your partner. Desires and boundaries will also have to be discussed so that you can both work within the framework you have discussed. 

To want to bring kinkiness into the bedroom can be simply by adding in some new sexy moves like we have shown you above. So enjoy them. Bet you will want to try them all – and can we say Happy kinky start to a fast-approaching New Year!


[1] https://www.healthline.com/health/healthy-sex/kinky-sex-bdsm