June 25, 2024
Deep Penetration

If you love deep thrusting when you are having sex, you will want to get into all the fun.  You will want to know all the top positions for you to benefit from deeper penetration. Some positions are much more deeper-penetration-friendly than other positions. For instance, the missionary sex position and the cowgirl position help you to feel every inch of your partner deep inside you.

Some secret tips for deeper penetration

  • 1. Add sex pillows

Sex pillows will certainly help you to achieve deeper penetration. When you place a pillow like this under your hips if you are for instance doing the missionary position, it raises the girl’s hips. This will help to make deep penetration easier. Try the pillows made from memory foam because they don’t compress. Liberator is a company who actually makes these pillows specifically for sex and for deeper penetration!

  • 2. Toys help to penetrate deeper. You get fantastic toys like penis extenders. They make a penis feel thicker and longer.  A lot of women don’t even like their guys to wear penis extenders. They are much more concerned about the guy making them feel desired and wanted. Other sex toys are vibrators! Some of the G-spot stimulators are long for deeper penetration.
  • 3. Use adequate lubrication. Because this helps you get deeper more easily. And it provides more comfort whilst going deeper.
  • 4. Psychological arousal comes from deep penetration. There is something arousing and deeply intimate to have someone deep inside you. It makes you feel as If you two are one.
  • 5. The nerves found at the lower shaft of the penis are often the most powerful trigger for a man’s orgasm. And this part is affected when deep penetration occurs. Stimulation of these nerves generally gets a man to orgasm faster.

8 Positions for deep penetration

1. Cowgirl

The Cowgirl position is perfect for deeper sex. The girl in this position gets to control all the movement and pace. So when she is on top, she can randomly and spontaneously lean down and kiss her guy. This is a good position for eye contact as well.

2. Doggy

This is a favorite sex position if you want to really go down deep. It also offers excellent G-spot stimulation. Remember to make full use of a sex pillow to get you lying in the perfect position for the deepest penetration.

3. Anvil

In this position, the girl will lie on her back like in the Missionary position. The guy will lean over you and push your legs back toward your upper body. This folding lifts your butt and hips. It makes stimulation feels better and more exciting.

4. Deep Impact

The girl will be on her back in this position and the man will kneel between her legs. He will raise her butt onto his penis. In the kneeling position, he will be able to lift the girl’s hips higher to get some really deep stimulation. The girl can raise her legs over his shoulders or drape them over his arms.

5. Right Angle

You will see that this position is pretty similar to the Deep Impact position. But instead of the guy kneeling in front of the girl, he will sit on the bed. His legs will be extended straight in front of him. The girl’s butt will also be on the bed. Her legs will be straight up, creating a 90° angle with her body. Her calves will be against his body.

6. Sandwich

The girl lies on her back. The guy will come in between her legs like in the missionary poison, but not so far up. Her legs will be up but bent close to her. Her feet will be straddling his hips. He’ll place his hands on the back of her thighs, “sandwiching” them down towards her stomach.

7. Turtle

There is some deep penetration in the turtle position. The guy will enter the girl from behind. She will be almost on her all fours. But check the pic to see how she is lying. She is almost bent over on her chest with her arms wrapped around her knees for support.

8. Jockey

Look at this position; no wonder it’s called the Jockey position. The girl is lying on her stomach and he is sitting on her like he is riding her as a jockey would. He will enter her from behind. The girl can lie down directly or prop herself up on her arms with the help of a sex pillow.

Deep penetration can miss erogenous spots like the G-spot

Remember the G-spot is just a couple of inches or so inside the vaginal opening. So you don’t even need a partner with a long penis to reach it. The long cock might miss it altogether. You might enjoy deep penetration if it is not at a jackhammer pace and pounding away. Maybe you prefer a toy or a penis gently prodding against the G-spot, stimulating it to orgasm.

Inside the vagina are two sensitive zones. One is the A-spot. It’s located along the front wall of the vagina near the cervix. The other sensitive zone located in a similar position is the G-spot. Look at this guide to find it easily.

The A-spot is especially known for not becoming over-sensitive after an orgasm. It means a woman could possibly keep enjoying penetrative sex without experiencing discomfort. Often the G-spot becomes over-sensitive after an orgasm.


Deep penetration is a sexual activity that you should try at least a couple of times. It will help you to determine if and how you like it. Some women will tell you that deep penetrative sex is the best way to spice things up. Some love it because it gives them a sense of fullness and that can lead to a better orgasm.

Slow and sensual sex, for many women, is the most intimate way to have sex. Many believe that deeper penetration ensures maximum closeness – that it helps to bond with your partner and to learn more about your body. Try it and see for yourself!