June 25, 2024

If you as a woman have found your G-spot and had it stimulated before, you will know just what a heavenly sensation that is. It can send you into ecstasies of delight. Some women can’t orgasm unless their G-spot is stimulated. And if you are a woman who is dying to find this sensuous spot, just lie back and relax, we’ve got you covered with the best G-spot vibrators. Kyle Zrenchik, a sex therapist says that “Any tool, toy, or technique that helps someone achieve an orgasm is worth its weight in gold.” It guarantees a scintillating ride to orgasm city.

First, let’s just look a bit more about the G-spot

Did you know that the G-spot is actually short for “The Gräfenberg spot?”  It is situated on the anterior wall of the vaginal canal. When it gets stimulated, it produces a strong sense of pleasure for some people. It makes sense since this area is an entire nexus of sensitive genital structures. These include the urethra, the clitoris, and the Skene’s gland [1].

How do you use a G-spot vibrator?

The G-spot vibrator is like others you might have used; except this one is specifically designed with the G-spot in mind. That means it comes with an upward curve, like the curve of your finger, to allow this sensitive area to be stimulated like a pro. Most people’s G-spot is around 2 to 3 inches inside their vagina. All it takes is two fingers inside the vagina to stimulate that area. You would stimulate the area using a “come hither” motion of your finger. When you find this spot, focus on the area, experimenting with different pressures and motions. (Look at this guide to using a vibrator).

Editor’s reviews and tips to consider when buying a G-spot vibrator

It must be safe

Every toy should be made of body-safe materials. Some toys on the market are made of materials with dangerous chemicals [2] that penetrate the delicate membranes of the vagina.  There aren’t any baddies on our list, so just lie back and relax.

The experts must put their stamp of approval on it

As you can see in this article, many experts have voiced their opinions on our list of G-spot sex toys. Only toys that are recommended by them or that come with strong customer reviews are here. Every toy has been independently selected for its safety and benefits [3].

What do customers say?

Customer reviews have been analyzed by top health experts on the toys recommended. This will help you to see what ordinary people want. When you’re armed with their views as well as expert views, it becomes easy to make a decision about whether you’d like to buy it [4].

It should offer a variety

Everybody is different and so are their finances. The below toys are all suitable for a variety of prices and needs.

Our top picks for 2022 and into the New Year with EXPERT and CUSTOMER reviews

Arc by Dame

Very elegantly designed, particularly engineered to make “it easier to reach and stimulate the G-spot without a lot of stress on the wrist and hand when pushing and pulling it,” says Sari Cooper, a licensed sex therapist. The Arc is great for people who love beautiful things. It has five patterns of stimulation and that means five different levels of intensity. And it comes with a three-year warranty.

Tracy’s Dog OG Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

This multipurpose toy has an air pulse suction feature. It also has an internal to stimulate the G-spot. It is recommended by certified sex therapist Jessica Kicha. It’s great for people who like a combination of internal and external stimulation to reach orgasm.

Best luxury option: LELO Soraya Wave

This one is ranked as one of the best G-spot vibrators to dream of. It’s also got that excellent “come hither” motion that targets the G-spot. It is recommended by expert Jessica Kicha and is often found at the top of a lot of lists. One review said “Absolutely amazing. Brought to climax in less than a minute.” If you like a lot of motion to have an orgasm, you will love this one.

Best for a variety of bodies: Womanizer Duo

The Duo refers to the fact that this vibrator has both an air pulse feature and an internal bulb. This combo targets the clit and stimulates the G-spot. “I love that the internal end is not huge and is easily insertable. It’s also nicely flexible and comfortable,” says Shanae Adams, a sex professional. The Duo is lovely for those who want a compatible match for their needs.

Ideal for menopause: The Kit by Tabu

This vibrator comes recommended by Kyle Zrenchik, this G-spot stimulator and organic lube combo from Tabu.  It was designed for those going through perimenopause and menopause. The vibrator has a fantastic self-heating feature which helps to get vaginal blood flowing and to make the experience comfortable and accommodating. One reviewer wrote, “It’s the “best I’ve ever used…the warming feature, texture, and flexibility make it perfect for an older woman.”

For long sessions, get the LELO Gigi 2

This vibrator is a real fave of Niki Davis-Fainbloom, a sex educator. She says, “I’m certain this toy has helped many people with vulvas experience their first internal orgasm.” And look at what one reviewer describes it as: “Actually my favorite thing by LELO! Great for internal or external stimulation, and does the job so beautifully. Obsessed with the gray color, so fashionable! This is in heavy rotation at my house.”

Best for couples: We-Vibe Chorus

The We-Vibe Chorus has great reviews from Suzannah Weiss, a certified sex educator. She says, “This toy has two different motors that vibrate on both the G-spot and the clitoris, and it fits inside you during partnered sex so you can get extra stimulation in both places (and your partner will likely feel it too).” It’s an ideal sex toy for long-distance lovers. There are some reviewers who say that it can sometimes be hard to keep in place. Just remember, it might be a bit of a learning curve.

Working out with The Lioness

The Lioness is not only a vibrator but a fitness tracker of sorts for your vagina. Suzannah Weiss says, “While you use it, it actually measures things like vaginal movements and temperature and can detect orgasms. This can be useful for tracking things such as what time of day is best for you to masturbate or have sex, how your menstrual cycle affects how easily you orgasm, and how long your orgasms tend to last.” One reviewer noted that The Lioness gave them one of the strongest orgasms they’d ever had.

Excellent budget option: The Tennis Pro by Smile Makers

“It’s easy to use, multiple modes, and good looking. What else could you ask for?” – that’s what one reviewer says. This toy is cheaper than others, so it might not pack the same punch as some of the more expensive toys out there, which is reflected in the reviews. But for someone starting out as a newbie, or who isn’t looking for intense vibrations; it can fill in the gaps.

Things to know about your vibrator

Squirt-proof if necessary

Sometimes G-spot stimulation can lead to squirting. If it does happen to you, put a towel down before your ride to orgasm city. Otherwise, there are even waterproof sex blankets.  Look at our full guide on how to squirt!)

Keep it clean

It’s imperative that you clean your vibrator thoroughly between uses. Just use warm water and unscented soap. Clean the toy thoroughly. Never put your vibrator into the dishwasher or boil it – the motor can get damaged. Store it in a silky bag or sealed box so it doesn’t collect lint and dust between uses.

Lube it up

You can use lubrication on your toy which can add heaps of excitement into the mix. Use something that is paraben- and glycerin-free, as well as something that’s water-based. Doesn’t use silicone based lubes with silicone toys. This degrades the surface of the toy. Don’t worry; here is a full guide to using lube.

The takeaway

G-spot stimulation is a whole world of pleasure. There are plenty of G-spot vibrators to suit your budget and body. Go solo or with a partner, and discover what an oasis of self-care G-spot vibrators are! They are so natural and so safe to use that you also might say like Eva Longoria who said, “The best sex I ever had was with my vibrator!”


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