June 25, 2024
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So you’ve heard from some of your friends how you are losing out because you haven’t started using sex toys with your partner yet! And now you believe it’s time to up your game and get out there with your partner – you have decided to join in the buzz and excitement of experimentation and fun! But hold your horses just there for a moment. Because before you head down to your sex shop or go online to check out discreetly what you want to order, we have a checklist of things to consider when you buy what you buy.

Remember to know what you want to play with on you and your partner’s bodies. And don’t compromise on anything less than using body-safe materials [1], and buying from reputable brands.

Let’s look at our tips to consider before you buy your body-safe sex toys

1. Who’s going to use it?

You might be saying, me, of course? But some toys are designed for solo play and some are for couples play. And there are some pleasure aids that a couple will benefit from more than just one partner. You will want to know if you will enjoy using this toy yourself or with your partner.

2. What type of pleasure do you seek?

It is thought that sex becomes better when you include playfulness, exploration, and discovery of what your body likes and dislikes. All of our preferences and tastes are shaped by our experiences.
Once you’re aware of what stimuli and sensations you long for, you can search for these types of toys:

Internal: As you can see by the name, these toys are for use internally, like into the vagina, or for anal penetration. Examples are rabbit vibrators, dildos, G-spot vibrators, plugs, and anal beads.

External: These toys are used mainly for stimulating the clitoris. Examples of these are clitoral stimulators and vibrators. You get fleshlights for men, as well as texture strokers or cock rings. If you are into BDSM, you will also find a whole selection of toys to choose from.

Impact Play: If you get aroused by the thought of being smacked on the butt, you will enjoy an impact play toy. They include toys like whips, paddles, and floggers. But don’t become too confused, there is all beginner-friendly stuff. Remember to discuss your choice of toys with your partner before you explore.

Sensory Play: Then you get sex toys that are designed and aimed for the erogenous parts of the body. You will hear names like nipple clamps, metal pinwheels, and feather ticklers. You use them on sensitive skin to feel pleasure.

Restraints: You see this in the movies and on TV – bedrooms adorned with handcuffs and silky blindfolds; aimed for sexy moments.  But there are more restraints to be seen at sex toy shops such as bed restraints, ball gags, and rope play. People who love to feel they are in power will be highly attracted to these types of toys. Always remember the big C’s when making purchases with your partner. They are communication and consent.

We hope it gives you an idea of where to start when it comes to figuring out what you’ll want to try.

3. Materials & Durability

The reason you should check out the materials [2] that make up your sex toys is that the global sex toy industry is worth a fortune. By 2026 it is thought it will grow to US$52.7 billion!  But because the industry is not regulated, manufacturers easily pass the toys off as ‘novelty items’ to avoid all the costly testing of materials. So a good tip for you is to avoid buying from places that sell non-branded sex toys. Always look out for descriptions that say a toy is body-safe and the materials are medical-grade and non-porous. Toys that are made from porous materials can allow mold and bacteria to grow on them. These materials you should look out for:

  • ABS Plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
  • Silicone
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Varnished wood

Avoid sex toys made with the wrong materials.

4. Check the Sound

Many people live with family in very close housing. So when you do go down to the sex store, carefully listen out for the sounds your sex toy will make. Some toys are quieter than others and have certainly improved from the earlier days when everyone could hear the buzzzzzzzzzzzing of the vibrator next door!

5. Size and Looks count Big Time

Some little sex toys are so cute and cuddly to look at such as the cute blue rabbit vibrator. And of course, you can imagine that the flutter from the sex toy rabbit ears sounds sensual and quiet. Some sex toys are noisy and clumsy for people. Remember, the bigger the toy does not mean the bigger the vibration or the bigger the pleasure. Maybe try a smaller G-spot vibrator. Start off with something reasonable to kick-start your sex toy collection. By the time you buy it, know what you want to use it for and have chosen a specialty brand as well.

6. Check for Special Features

Sex tech is a very up-to-date market so there will always be something new to look out for. One sex consultant describes sex toys as being just like mobile phones; they are constantly needing and receiving upgrades, so look out for the same when it comes to sex toys.

7.  Your budget

It’s not necessary to break the bank when buying a sex toy. When you go for a cheaper toy, you will also have more freedom to experiment. For instance, rather get the cheap “rabbits” that we told you about above, and experiment with them rather than buying something very expensive and you end up hating it.

8. You will use lubricant too with sex toys

Remember your sex toy will work better when it’s wetter. You will love your sex toy more when you smear some lubricant over it [3]. You get different types of lubricants too:

Silicone: This lube lasts longer and is also water-resistant. It shouldn’t be used with jelly, silicone, rubber, PVC, or TPE/TPR materials.

Water-based: This lubricant is safe for use with all materials. It is also easy to rinse off afterward.

If you do find a toy you love, but you are not sure of the materials it’s made of, try to check the product specifications or the packaging. But when in doubt, water-based lubricants are a good bet and they are safe.


There are thousands of sex toys on the market, so it can make you feel a bit overwhelmed. When you see the array of toys before you, such as dildos, bullet vibrators, and oral sex simulators, you don’t really know which one will be suitable for you. And you even wonder which part of the anatomy the sex toy will do its job! One sexpert from Bondara says that “The only way to know if a toy is The One is to test it out.  Remember to buy directly from trusted retailers or directly from the sex toy manufacturer itself. You will find these people knowledgeable about sex as well. Best wishes!