June 25, 2024
spice up sex life

The search engines are crammed with people who ask, “How to actually improve your sex life.” Bottom line is, if you are stressed, you are on drugs, or you are using poor techniques in the bedroom – well then, maybe there is reason to want to improve your sex life. Because those things strip you of even wanting to pursue a healthy sex life, let alone anything else! So how can you get it back on track? It is possible, and we are going to give you ways to do just that.

Sex drives are suffering among single people and couples, period

With two years of lockdown, parents doing homeschooling, parents worrying about aging parents, high stress, and social distancing – it’s no wonder sex has dropped to, for many, the bottom of the list. Many countries are emerging from the pandemic; people feel freer again and some are trying to rekindle their dwindled sex drives. Some want to prioritize sexual intimacy again. As one man puts it, “I never realized how much stress and the lack of personal time would affect my desire. Although it sounds obvious, it’s not something I thought about.”

This situation is still playing out in bedrooms all over the world

One study [1] conducted by the Kinsey Institute at a US university in 2020 said that nearly half of those who participated reported a decline in their sexual behavior. Kate Moyle, a psychosexual therapist says “Generalized anxiety is at a higher level: there are threats to health, wellbeing, jobs, education or medical treatments. That increased anxiety can affect us inside the bedroom.” People lack motivation and have a ‘just can’t be bothered’ kind of attitude

People are tired. One in every three people is working longer hours. Levels of happiness are down. Lots of people say that even though sex is good for them because it lowers stress and can burn calories, it just feels like one more thing to add to their already overfull plates.

Let’s look at 8 top ways to help you to have a better sex life

Professional sex therapists and medications are available now

This makes treating sexual problems much easier than before [2]. There is also the Ancient Chinese art of acupuncture. This can help to enhance your sex life. It helps to balance and relax the body. Some natural herbs are used by many cultures around the world because they act as aphrodisiacs. Some are thought to stimulate nerves in the genitals; whilst others promote feel-good chemicals in the brain. Some of these amazing herbs are Chinese ginseng, ginkgo, cordyceps, and muira puama.

2. Make time, and set it apart for each other

That means making the time before sex relaxing [3] – like enjoying a nice dinner or taking a slow walk with interesting and personal talk between you. Often having more and better sex will require you to clear your schedule.

3. Educate yourself

You don’t want your partner to avoid you in the bedroom, simply because you have no idea what turns a woman or a man on. Cleanliness, good health, and social sexual etiquette is all very important. They are imperative things if you want to have sizzling, hot sex.

4. Lubrication

Lubrication can help to take away dryness and pain. It makes it not only feel sexier but it takes away irritation and friction that can cause sex to be cut short. Lubricants come in different colors, styles, and flavors, and are available at drugstores. Don’t hide the lubricant away from your partner. Use it as part of your sexy routines, having plenty of fun with it.

5. Regain the physical affection you once had

For instance, practice touching. Learn to touch each other again like you used to love to be touched by your partner. This will give you both a good sense of how much pressure, be it firm or gentle that you both like to use and enjoy. That might mean trying out different positions [4] because it adds interest again to lovemaking. And it can help to overcome problems. Just for example; when the man enters his partner from behind increases stimulation to the G-spot and can help a woman to reach orgasm.

6. Sex toys for boys and girls

A vibrator is a fantastic ‘toy’ to bring back exciting sexual responses in both men and women. It allows a woman to show her partner exactly what she likes. But the fun doesn’t end only with a vibrator. Sex toys for women and men are thought to actually improve your sex life [5].

7. How’s your health?

It is important to protect yourself from, for instance, the ravages of inflammation. Chronic inflammation can become a silent killer that can contribute to some nasty diseases. There might well be medical reasons why your sex life is going down the tubes. Diabetes is one, cancer is another, nerve issues, endometriosis, and others – they can all lower sexual desire. Some medications — like some of those for blood pressure, anxiety, and depression can inhibit desire. Get a medical check-up if you know that you have medical issues and know that they could be affecting your sex life. Even if you do have a medical cause, there is no reason for it to prevent you from having satisfying sex.

8. Get rid of exhaustion and stress

Did you know that sleep can impact your libido? Your sleep patterns help the body to determine when to release certain hormones that are related to sex. Men and women who feel tired when they get into bed are usually in no mood for sex. For men, getting enough sleep boosts their levels of testosterone. An ancient exercise art like yoga can do wonders for your libido. A group of 40 women practiced yoga each day, doing just the basic poses. They helped to improve their pelvic muscle tone, boost their mood, keep them relaxed, and release their tight hip joints [6].


Yes, it is quite easy just to get swept away by the rapids of our lives instead of by our passions. But if you have a partner and you care much for each other, and for your own health and wellbeing, you will need to put a stop to whatever stopped all the fun and pleasures you experienced in bed before. You might have allowed the responsibilities and sometimes sadness of life to rob you of what might be a distant memory – that of sizzling and passionate times in bed with your partner. And like a lot of great adventures, great sex, too, starts with great conversations.

You might be one of the millions who want to know how to actually improve your sex life. We’ve given you 8 fantastic and helpful communication changes to implement in your life – just you and your partner getting up close and talking about your desires, fantasies, and more. Once you’ve put into action some of our top tips, then it might not be “not tonight darling” that you might have been accustomed to hearing, but instead, “Just do it” – again and again!