July 15, 2024
toys for men

Below we’ve listed some awesome sex toys for men. While some would argue a list of the best sex toys for men would be a lot longer, we’ve chosen some of our favorites that have ranked highly among customers worldwide. These toys greatly vary in price, so whether you’re looking for cheap male adult toys, or more exclusive ones, you can find something on this list!

Without further ado, here are the sex toys for guys that we recommend.

Quickshot Fleshlight

Fleshlight is a rather funny name for this male masturbator which is see-through—hence the name. Built for enhanced oral pleasure during couple’s play, it can also be used when you play by yourself. If you prefer to play alone, you can hook two Quickshots together, buy a shower mount, or a sleeve warmer. Those are all additional products, however.

Some people note that if you’re rather large in the downstairs department, Quickshot might be a tad too snug. Still, it’s a high rated sex toy for men and if you don’t want to use something looking like a sex doll for men, this masturbator is a good option.

At $35 it’s not the cheapest, but far from the most expensive male sex toy on the market.

Tenga Easy Beat Egg

The Tenga Egg is a disposable (one-time use) male masturbator. Packed inside an egg shape, this stretchy silicone masturbator is one size fits all. Unpack it, fill it with water based lube (included) and off you go. With fifteen different textures, you have a lot to play with. Cheap, easy to use and fun to play with, this male sex toy is a favorite. Also, many customers report that so long as you wash it, it can be used many times and not just one time as the manufacturer suggests. Again, if you want to stay away from anything looking like a sex doll for men, then this is a great option for a masturbator and your partner can help you use it too…

Costing about $7, it’s one of the cheapest male adult toys on this list.


This is a high-end vibrating couples ring, or cock ring if you so like. It can be used on your own, or with a partner. Thanks to the vibrations, it stimulates your partner as well. Among the male adult toys listed here it’s one of the most luxurious, and most expensive at $150


This handsfree vibrating prostate massager can help you improve your orgasm with up to 33% and is among the more exclusive sex toys for guys. And as it comes with a remote control, your partner can have a lot of fun teasing you by turning it on and off. It massages your prostate both on the inside and outside, as it has two points. It’s both waterproof and rechargeable. In short, it’s a fun male toy—and your partner might have as much fun teasing you as you’ll have using it solo.

As mentioned, HUGO is among the most exclusive sex toys for men and therefore costs a pretty penny—around $230

Bionic Bullet Cock Ring

This double cock ring is uniquely textured and comes with a vibrating bionic bullet that you can insert into the cock ring, or use separately. If the bionic bullet is inserted in the cock ring, the cock ring will stimulate a woman’s clitoris during penetration. The cock rings can be used both around the shaft and testicles if you unhook them—providing double pleasure while simultaneously stimulating your partner! Made of silicone, it’s super stretchy so one size fits all.

As you can tell—this so-called cock ring has multiple different uses and leads to multiple orgasms. It’s also one of the cheaper sex toys for men at only around $18.

B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2

The B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 offers no less than six vibrating patterns and seven rotating patterns. Having the motor at the tip makes it unique in the way it stimulates you. And with a remote control your partner can have a lot of fun stimulating you on and off as they please. The battery lasts fora bout 90-minutes and is rechargeable.

Butt plugs are popular among the male adult toys and this vibrating version is as luxurious as it gets. If you are to try a high-end butt plug, then this is the one. It will set you back about $135.

Le Wand Loop Silicone Attachment

Does your partner have a Le Wand? The ultimate vibrating massager according to many, it’s the perfect toy to play with in the bedroom. If you add the Le Wand Loop it also becomes the perfect toy for masturbation—whether as a couple or single. It’s been recognized as the best sex toy for men by GQ in 2020.

If you or your partner already own a Le Wand, the Loop comes at $30, which is a cheap addition for a lot of pleasure. If you need to buy Le Wand as well, it’s going to cost a tad more as that is priced around $130.

Basic Anal Beads

While these beads may be basic anal Thai beads, they are so to speak upside down—with the largest bead at the insertion point. If withdrawn during orgasm, this can cause a longer and more intense orgasm. They are recommended for people who are just starting out with anal play, but if you’ve done a lot of anal play but never tried anal beads structured this way, why not give it a go? Safe experimentation is at the heart of a satisfying sex life. Costing around $10 these anal beads are also among the cheapest male sex toys on the market. Sometimes fun doesn’t have to cost a lot…


Ohnut is among the best sex toys for men made for women…let us explain! Ohnut was designed for men to wear during sex, so that women who find sex painful due to their anatomy or the size of their man, can enjoy pain-free sex. This is particularly useful in various positions that might otherwise not be comfortable for the woman (even if she doesn’t say so out loud). A man, on the other hand, doesn’t need to think about how deep he goes—the Ohnut will prevent him from going too deep. The Ohnut will feel like an extension of his partner’s vagina, ensuring he gets the most out of sex, too.

Ohnut consists of four individual rings and you can use as many as your partner feel is needed.

Among male toys, Ohnut certainly is innovative. Buying one will set you back $65.

MGX Trident

This is a male sex toy that massages your prostate without any kind of vibration. No batteries. No charging, just play and go. That might sound too simple, but the design of the MGX Trident ensures that your prostate is massaged both on the inside and outside. You just adjust it so it sits perfectly on you and then, off you go. It’s also designed for hands off play, so no tweaking needed once inserted.

A classic amongst sex toys for men, this pleasure giver will cost you around $55.

Performance Plus Factor Rechargeable Silicone Prostate Massager

Shaped to perfectly massage your prostate, this butt plug, or prostate massager if you so like, is slightly slimmer than most other such devices. As the vibrator can be removed, the silicone sleeve can be used as a finger glove for anal play, while the vibrator can be used on other body parts. Perfect for couples play. With a battery lasting 35 minutes before needing to recharge, it’s not the longest lasting prostate massager on the market, but nor is it the most  expensive at around $45.