June 25, 2024
cyber sex

It is amazing to see just what a huge role the internet has had in rapidly changing our preferences and our choices of how we live, and even how we have sex. Not only does it help us find the answers to any questions we throw at it, but it covers important topics as well. You can imagine that the internet is literally backed with sexual content – it has had to keep up with the sexual revolution that has taken over the world. Lately, we have seen a lot of news about sexual preferences and lifestyles [1]. Today’s lifestyles are being redefined and created faster than the information can get out to the masses!

Have you ever looked up cybersex? It hasn’t even been around for such a long time either. A few years ago, not many of us had even heard of the word, cybersex. But today it’s big, big, big business – It’s all about “internet sex”, “cybering”, “web sex” and “sexting’ – basically, it’s all about virtual sexual encounters.

More about cybersex

Cybersex takes place over the internet. It can also take place also over any other electronic network. As we mentioned above, it is all about virtual sexual encounters. There is no involvement with any other person and no physical contact with them. So it can be an activity where there are more than just two people. It can involve more than two people. It can just involve sending a sexy text to a person or it can be about exploring teledildonics with your new-found partner.

Generally, cybersex is considered safe sex

This is because interactions take place over a computer network. Neither is there any risk of transmitting an STI to your partner or creating a pregnancy. But OK, it does come it a couple of risks which we have shown you above. People need to realize that there could be the loss of privacy if you have sent sexual content and other materials online and it is passed on to others. And if you are engaging with sex toys for you cybersex interactions, you need to ensure that you practice good hygiene. Then there are particular local laws that might be relevant to cybersex activities that you should be aware of. And of course there will be data use and a phone bill that can run up expenses.

You get quite a few types of cybersex too

You will find old-school type of porn, there is group or solo sex, there are cybersex chat rooms, and connected sex toys interaction. Then you get ever-evolving new technologies like teledildonics [2]. Have you heard of that one?

For some, not all, there are benefits of cybersex [3]

Let’s look at what some of them are –

  • There is the elimination of health problems such as STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and pregnancy
  • There is physical safety in meeting new people; strangers; for sexual encounters
  • You have a world of people to engage with, and you can create a persona to whomever you feel like it. Once your escapade is over, it is up to you how often you will interact with that person again.

That all sounds great, but are there risks?

There is fantastic anonymity with cybersex. But there is a risk that you could become more attached to your virtual sex partner [4].  Remember that cybersex will require clear communication, respect, and trust for the person you are connecting with for the relationship to work for both of you. There have been surveys done on cybersex, and people have revealed feelings of hurt, rejection, betrayal, loneliness, shame, humiliation, jealousy, and lying.

Other risks can be:

Check out some important dos and don’ts when engaging in cybersex:


  • DO always have the consent of the other person you are engaging with
  • DO get a g-mail account just for your cybersex life. Don’t give out your personal email
  • DO find the right place to play; and find the right sites for cybersex opportunities. A good one is Ashley Madison because it is free
  • DO use voice messaging to deliver steamy hot voice messages.  You can tell them what you want to do to them and tell them what you want them to do you
  • DO use emojis for a bit of fun and to relieve the pressure off both of you.
  • DO bring on the foreplay, using cybersex as a great way to start the foreplay. For instance, you can use voice messages, photos, and steamy texts to develop the foreplay
  • DO take your time. If you feel nervous about having cybersex with someone you like, remember, they’re not sitting in front of you in reality, so you don’t have to rush. Just relax, because there shouldn’t be any pressure


  • DON’T use the regular contact number that you use for your friends and family. Use an app that doesn’t show your number
  • DON’T send videos and photos with your face on them. Leave your face out of the clips
  • DON’T have expectations about this going anywhere. In all likelihood, you are not going to marry the person. Remember, it cybersex
  • DON’T forget to invest in good sex toys as well as sexy underwear
  • DON’T be nervous to tell your cybersex friend exactly what you want
  • DON’T stick with someone you don’t like, because if they don’t like you, they will easily move on
  • DON’T forget to watch this video on How To Have Cybersex


Cybersex might not be the right choice for everyone, but it can be playful, fulfilling, and pleasurable for those who choose it. Just educate yourself on the benefits and risks that we have shown you above before you have your fun! Some people who find themselves without a partner offline think that cybersex is the next best thing. And it appears to be positive for those individuals who want to explore their sexuality in ways that don’t put them at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy.