June 25, 2024
pleasure women

A male escort is one guy who knows just how to please a woman and pleasure her. One bit of research that was published in the “Archives of Sexual Behavior” [1] found that 95% of heterosexual men usually or always orgasm during sex, and only 65% of heterosexual women report the same. But a male escort who has learned just what a woman wants is here to let you guys know some of the hottest tips he is on women – after all, that’s his job! – Pleasing a woman!

Make her feel comfortable, he says

You need to make sure that the woman is totally at ease with you. That means you need to have a warm and friendly demeanor at all times around her. You have to be confident in yourself and know who you are otherwise you won’t be able to keep up being warm, friendly, honest, and open. Women will pick up on this and don’t want to be around an awkward man who hasn’t developed into a confident man. You have to own who you are so she is comfortable with you.

You have to get to know her more deeply too, not just on a shallow level

When you take her out, get to know her in an honest and genuine way. No matter what the situation is, you need to be attentive to her. It doesn’t mean being the butler, but it means listening attentively to what she says; answering her back, and having an interesting backward and forward conversation – engaging her. And if she talks about stuff that you don’t know what she’s getting at, ask questions. She will love that you are showing her interest!

Take your time to bring on the pleasures

Once the woman you are with is chatting with you, you will notice whether she is enjoying your company or not. If she is enjoying you, she will want to be touched as well. Now is not the time to go in for the kill, says one escort. The knowledge gained from being an escort will have taught you what feels good for a woman and how they like to be touched.

This should guide you into touching the woman you are with. He says a good tip is massage because he says the more you touch, the better. Then you can take it a bit further, allowing your mouth to reach her mouth, first by starting off kissing her chest, then her neck and ears. He recommends that you “continue to caress her back and work your way to her ass and legs. When you lock lips keep them locked.” It is recommended that instead of putting your tongue into her mouth, you rather stimulate her lips, massaging them and gently sucking on them, lightly caressing them with your tongue. 

This constant lip-to-lip contact is highly stimulating and gets a woman going. This is the time she might start grinding on your legs or reaching her hand to your hard penis. Now it’s time to undress. Carry on with the rubbing work, working it in slowly, ensuring that she is properly lubricated to receive you into her eager body.

Think first of her orgasm before your one

Compared to women, men’s orgasms are easy. Just a slight hint of sex and they can orgasm! So now it’s time to consider her orgasm before your own [2]. Do it all for her, and show her you are taking pleasure in her pleasure. Because “The more pleasure you give her on every level, the more she’ll want to give you,” says an escort. Remember these things though: respect, communication, and consent – they are the three keys to opening the doors to a woman’s orgasm and pleasures.

Pick up on the cues

You will soon realize what works through trial and error. As an adult guy, you should know the basics, the real do’s and don’ts. Once you have her consent, you will have to do some exploring to find out what the particular woman wants. Listen to her hints, for instance, the hip gyrations, the excessive sighs, and moans. These are good indicators that you are on top of your game. Being successful to this point means you can go further. Remember that the more contact you have with her, the more stimulating an experience it will be. Just paying attention to how she responds will help you determine how fast or hard you should proceed.

Women want you to figure out and know what they want

The escorts say that “There is a formula to pleasing a woman. You need the right amount of emotional stimulation combined with the right amount of physical. And women will have different needs on different days. Experience is what will help you determine the amounts.”


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