June 25, 2024
face off sex position

If you are looking for some serious intimacy when it comes to sex, you will probably want a position where the two of you really connect. Then you will love the ‘Face-Off’ position. For this one, you don’t need to have supple limbs that contort in all directions to get this one to happen. This position is all about being truly intimate. It allows you to gaze into each other’s eyes if that’s what you want and love. If that’s what you and your partner cherish, then this super-hot connection is what you are looking for.

Getting into position for the Face-Off sex position

In this article we are talking about a ‘girl’ and a ‘guy’, just to explain everything more simply. But this position is for any sexual orientation, so don’t worry about that. Anyone can do this position.

The guy will sit on the edge of the bed or a chair. His feet should be firm on the ground and his legs slightly apart. The girl will then slowly go down on his cock; straddling him, and facing him. Her legs will go around his waist and his erect penis will be inside her. Now that he is sunken deep into her, the two of you can grind along together and look into each other’s eyes. Maybe some dirty talk whilst gazing into each other’s talk will be the ultimate turn-on for the most intimate of sex.

Can you lie and not sit rather for this position?

See our pic below.

cuddle sex together

and facing each other. The girl will be able to pull herself very close to her partner. Both partners’ hips will be really hugging each other. The girl will lift her upper leg as you see in the pic and drape it over her partner’s hip for him to be able to penetrate her. See how up close and intimate you can get? You can’t really get closer than this. If you want to read all the loving expressions on your partner’s face and eyes, this is one of the ultimate positions to do that.

What are the benefits of the face-off position?

The girl is in control of the depth of the thrust. Being seated provides her with the support she needs to ride her guy slow or fast, hard or gentle. And communication can just keep flowing with this position because it forces you both to directly look at each other. It also makes it easier for you to kiss and touch each other during sex. This is a huge part of having that close emotional connection.

What should you do with your hands in this position?

Both of you can let your hands and fingers do all the talking. He can be caressing and rubbing the girl’s nipples. She can be using her hands too, to stimulate her clit. Both of you will have plenty of opportunities to use your hands to pleasure your partner. If you are battling to put an image in your mind, check out this pic!

Make yours an intimate experience too

Remember that sex is also a whole lot of fun. So don’t think that just because you are up close and personal with your partner that you have to be serious and intense. You can also allow yourselves to smile, giggle and laugh. It’s not a serious staring contest, particularly if you are not talking. If you do happen to find yourselves in the throes of pleasure but don’t want your partner to see you in such raptures, then you can close your eyes too or look away.  You don’t have to be staring into his or her face the entire time!

Don’t forget you can introduce dirty talk in this position

It’s a powerful aspect of good sex. When you talk dirty, you are lacing sex with fantasy and full of anticipation. Talking dirty also helps you both express what you both love in bed. Dirty talk works better when you are looking at someone in the eye. The atmosphere is charged with steaminess, desire, and sex appeal – it can bring about very sexy results!

This position is not really for those who stress about face-to-face sex

“Face-to-face sex can be a stressful situation—it’s important to be aware of your partner’s preference: eye contact, no eye contact, or a bit of eye contact,” says sex educator, Catie Osborn. Sometimes people who have experienced trauma issues might not like eye contact, whereas those with ADHD might enjoy it more as it makes them feel closer to their partners. To figure out what might work best for both of you talk with your partner

so you can negotiate boundaries. For both partners, you need to get the sex you want.

Court Vox, a sex and intimacy consultant, on the other hand, suggests that “If you want to get really vulnerable, keep your eyes open and demand or request the gaze of your partner remain on you.”


Sure, the face-to-face sex position is really a great way if you want to build intimacy with your partner. Perhaps you feel that if you are truly in love, this is the perfect position to experience. Did you know that all that increased eye contact from having sex face-to-face can actually boost your oxytocin levels? Oxytocin is the chemical of ‘love’ and it’s associated with trust and bonding, so says Jodie Milton, women’s relationship and sex coach. Remember that when you get up close and personal with your partners.

Since the Covid pandemic, lots of people have had to experience in-person interactions again. Some find it very hard, and some have slipped into it again like an old hat. When it comes to sexual intimacy, remember there is no rush and no boxes to tick. Just engage on levels that for you will be exciting, fun, and pleasurable. You will soon see how the face-off position will tick the boxes for engaging again with a certain loved one, and particularly as far as intimacy goes.