June 25, 2024
want to sex with you

Who doesn’t want to know someone is interested in you? – That you turn them on; that they want to be with you? We seem to be much more aware when we ‘think’ that people don’t like us. Often our lives can even fall apart when we are rejected outright. In the sexual world, often when we find someone to love and connect with, we know we want to seal our relationships with sex. But how do you know, if you are a guy, that your babe is sexually interested in you too? What signs should you be looking out for that she’s into you big time? And then, if she is into you, then how do you respond?

Sometimes the subtle ‘come hither’ signs can confuse guys

Sometimes you feel as if you can’t read the signs your girl puts out properly. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Soon you will know how to decipher your woman’s body language and know when they want to get laid with our 8 signs! [1]

1. She opens up to you about her sex life

She will tell you how long she’s been without sex, or she will tell you that she never achieved an orgasm with her ex in bed. She’s basically telling you that you are the one to save her from having no sex, or the one to show her what she was missing. Often a woman will tell you that she is not interested in sleeping with you immediately. That is often just a come-on sign; that she is actually interested in you. If she likes you, she will give you sex because she wants to keep you.

2. She starts sexting with you

Some women don’t want to let you know they are coming on to you sexually. So they will do it subtly by sexting instead. Actually, this way of letting a guy or gal know you are interested in them sexually has become very, very popular, particularly among young singles. Some gals will even offer to send guys sexy photos of them. These aren’t necessarily nude pics, but sexy photos of them in bathrobes, high heels, and stockings; stuff like that. It’s a good sign because you can be assured if she wasn’t into you, there would be no pics! Look out for messages from a girl that says something like, “I had a wild dream about you last night” or “I’m in bed now and thinking of you”.  Those are big come-on signs!

How to respond if you are interested: You can pick up on her sexting and ask what she’s wearing, or tell her she has a beautiful body. Things might get hotter than. So you could then ask her about her sexual fantasies. This way you learn what she likes and dislikes in bed for when you meet her in person.

3. Does she try and touch you a lot?

This is a very clear sign that this gal fancies you. She won’t let you near her if she is not attracted to you. Lots of guys miss this very subtle sign as an attraction signal. Women usually will touch guys they’re interested in. Sometimes when you are really into somebody and you make as if you accidentally touched their arm, it can send exciting shivers of expectation through you if there is chemistry between you.

How to respond back: The best thing you can do is to build up the sexual tension. Start to touch her, too, in a confident, but casual way. Then when you see she’s really enjoying you, you could progress towards sexier touching forms. So for instance, when she puts her arms on your shoulder, you could put your arms around her waist, or play with her hair!

4. Her body language is inviting you

When it comes to the sexy parts of her body, she will try to make you take notice of them. When she is around you, her hair and her clothing might have changed. She might be wearing her hair in a different way, wearing low cut tops to reveal cleavage, or a tight-fitting dress that shows her shape. She is giving you body language signs that will tell you she is into you. She might lick or bite her lips when she is with you and might even do it subconsciously. A lot of the time, she is hinting that she would like you to kiss her.

How to respond: Don’t hesitate at this time to flirt with her and get things escalating a bit. Often when a girl is inviting you to sleep with them, she will caress her own body, subtly touching her thighs, neck, arms, or her hair. Take note!

5. She asks you to cuddle with her

If she wants to cuddle with you, then you know you are wanted – that in all likelihood she is availing herself to sleep with you. Guys must remember a woman’s arousal works differently from theirs. Ladies want cuddles, kisses, and caressing to get ready for sex [2]. So if you get a request for cuddling you could almost say she’s asking you for foreplay!  She wouldn’t do that if she didn’t fancy you.

How to respond: So when she asks you to cuddle, do it! When you are physically close, it helps a hormone called oxytocin [3] to be released which makes her feel emotionally connected to you.

6. She asks you over to her place

That’s a huge sign that she trusts you and that she wants something from you. While inviting you over isn’t necessarily the stamp of approval to have sex with her, it’s a huge step in the right direction – She’s not just going to be inviting anyone over to her place.

How to respond: If you are interested in her, go over and see what happens. It is not likely that she is going to pounce on you as you step inside. Just be chilled, flirt a bit, and get used to being in her home. If she comes up and sits right next to you and then makes an excuse to show you her home and bedroom, too, these are signals that she’s showing you she is ready for sex with you.

7. She laughs too hard at your jokes

Most guys like to think they’re humorous. But often, when a girl is into you, she gets into hysterics at your jokes. Test it … make a gag that isn’t really even funny and if gets into fits of laughter, you can be sure she’s into you.

8. She’s gonna make sure she looks her best around you!

She’s going to try and make the most of her appearance and dress when she’s with you [4]. She will show a bit of cleavage, or wear a really short dress to show off her legs and keep you entranced! Her makeup will probably also be heavier. Getting all made-up for you with the ideal outfit will take a lot of effort and she wouldn’t do it if she didn’t fancy you 100%.

How to respond: Remember to remark how fabulous she looks and smells and take it from there!


When you are powerfully attracted to someone, it is very easy to take everything they say and do and direct it to you. When you know the attraction is towards you, you either take up on it if you really like the person or reject it if you are not interested. Because men and women are so different, they interpret things in different ways, and sometimes these can mean different things. But we have given you 8 fantastic tips that will let you know that your girl wants to take things to the next level and sleep with you. And she will want to see if you are perceptive enough to read these clues.

Above we’ve given you the clues – now it’s up to you, if you are interested, follow up, and enjoy the fabulous sex that happens when two people are into each other!