June 25, 2024

“It’s time to spread your wings and fly. And by “fly,” we mean “have lots of orgasms.”

butterfly sex position

A lot of sex out there today seems far removed from the traditional missionary position of days gone by – Even though the missionary position is still a top position today. For a lot of the new positions you have to be pretty fit as well as being a contortionist! And then you have your choices to involve different toys and other equipment to sizzle everything up even more. Lots of people believe if you are not doing these things, you are fuddy-duddies and losing out. But that’s not true at all. The missionary sex position still remains one of the most intimate and sexy ways of having sex still today.

If you want to be free and colorful like a butterfly

Then you can add a bit of Zen to your sex life by including and enjoying the butterfly position. It offers much pleasure for you and your partner to enjoy!

The butterfly position is a variation of the missionary

This position will suit you if you are looking for a bit more adventure, fun, and intensity. If you squint your eyes a bit when looking at the butterfly position, you might believe it looks like the shape of a butterfly! There are a few variations to this position as well. Here are four variations that you might love. Some of them are more daring than others. We are talking about the classic butterfly position today.

How it’s done

Here we are talking girl and guy just to make it easier to read through and understand. But as usual, all these sex positions are suitable for anybody, despite your gender.

So the girl, in this instance, lies on her back. She will place her feet on her guy’s shoulders. The guy will enter her from the top, just like in the missionary position. His hands will be on either side of her. If the girl wants to, she can choose to bend her knees and bring her legs up. Ever seen the Happy Baby position in yoga? Well, it’s similar to that.

Are there benefits to the butterfly position?

Well, if you are the girl, all you have to do is lie back and relax; enjoy the feelings and sensations. Sometimes it takes a lot of energy and maneuvering to work during sex. But in this position, you are just able to relax and enjoy.  That means you can enjoy other possibilities as well. There is plenty of room to incorporate sex toys for deep penetration.

This position is also suitable for great anal sex too 

Everyone can really enjoy the butterfly position for anal sex. To have anal sex in this position, the girl will bring her legs even closer to her chest so that the guy can enter. The higher the girl’s legs are, the more ideal it becomes for penetration. Don’t be shy to use a sex pillow if you are wondering how to get extra lift. The girl can place the pillow under her butt so that her hips are tilted upward. It will make penetration so much easier and more comfortable.

The butterfly position is a popular position for good reason. It allows for deep penetration. When the penetration is deep, it allows for A-spot orgasms for the girl. Yes, you don’t only get G-spot stimulation. You get A-spot stimulation and orgasms as well. This position is also popular because it does not put weight on any of the partner’s bodies.

How do you amp up the pleasure for the butterfly sex position?

With Butterfly sex position variations of course which we shared with you above. Here are some other tips:


The partner doing the penetrating can try kneeling instead of standing. Both people will be on the bed. The guy will then lift up his partner’s hips so both of their pelvises are in line with each other.

Trying out different leg positions 

If the girl finds it too hard to put her legs straight up against her partner’s shoulders, she can opt to bring her knees into her chest. Just have fun experimenting with all the different leg positions and see what works best for your body.

Turning sideways 

This is an option for those who aren’t as flexible as others. The girl can lie on her side here like in a spooning position. The guy, with his penis, can penetrate her in that way, resulting in different sensations.

Some variations of the Butterfly position to try

Legs On Shoulder

Keep your legs to the side of his neck for this position, just like as if he was playing the Cell! Here we provide you with how to go about this position, plus illustrations to show you exactly how it’s done.

Right Angle

Here you bend at a right angle position. But don’t worry, if you don’t understand, here is how you do the right angle position – with illustrations.

Praying Mantis

He kneels and she bends one leg. Try it out with girl.

Deep Impact

Because the girl’s hips are raised in this position (don’t forget the sex pillow), it is ideal for being able to stimulate the G-spot. This is because the guy’s penis will be thrusting in an upward movement. Here is more information and an illustration of how you perform the Deep Impact.


The butterfly position is a very sexy position. And the nice thing is, they are not difficult positions to perform. You don’t require heaps of energy to execute these positions. Next time you are being intimate with your partner, try out the butterfly position. Sometimes the guy has to work quite hard to keep his partner’s hips raised. But this is where the sex pillows come in so handy. They definitely lessen the load. We have also provided you with fantastic variations to the position. You will soon work out which ones feel the best and which ones will make you fly.