April 23, 2024

Most guys usually expect and want their women to enjoy all kinds of sex with them. But men also need to understand that not all women enjoy receiving all methods and types of sex, and that includes oral sex. It might be because they haven’t received mind-blowing orgasms from their experiences in the past. If your lady does enjoy oral sex, however, but she is not orgasming, then we’ve got some juicy tips here that can make her lap up all the attention and more.

1. Get her to be vocal

Since she’s not likely to tell you to your face what you are doing right or wrong, use your voice instead. Ask her whether what you are doing is bringing her pleasure. You will soon notice the loud moans of enthusiasm and pleasure. Then you might hear her answer back to you, “Oh yes, right there”, or “That’s great, baby”. If things aren’t working for her, there probably won’t be any moans or writing her hips or body against you. If you don’t communicate and find out what turns her on, then she might even fake her orgasm just to please you. Or she might just fake orgasm because you ejaculated.  If you want her to be vocal and love your sex/lovemaking, there are certain techniques you should know [1].

2. Do your part so she does her part

Even though sex might appear like an act where the guy does a lot of the work, oral sex should also be where a woman takes part. She will want to participate if you communicate with her. When you and she are both participating, she will no doubt raise her hips to show you she is having a good time with you giving her oral sex; she will probably be gyrating accordingly [2]. She will be giving you subtle directions to encourage you to bring her to a climax.

3. Use sex toys

It doesn’t just have to be a sex act where you use your mouth and tongue to stimulate her vaginal area; there is fabulous help with sex toys. A vibrator is something she might love, after discussion, of course, to stimulate her clitoris and also the other nearby areas. Or what about some blindfolds and handcuffs; these are all toys that might turn her on a lot. But on the other hand, they could turn her off. When you discuss sexual stuff in a warm, friendly, humorous, and fun way, you discover exactly what each other like. Also, each woman is different, so what might have worked on a previous woman partner might not be the right stuff for this female partner.

4. Let her go down on your first

All women like to take a bit of control every now and then, and a lot of guys are turned on by this [3]. Let your honeybun go down on your first, with you telling her also what you enjoy most. Then you can swap around and you can go down on her, turning it into a fun, arousing session.

5. Don’t go straight for her clitoris

The clitoris for most women is a very important part of sexual satisfaction [4], but that doesn’t mean it requires all of the attention. You see, for women, the clitoris gives off intense sensations, so you can build up excitement in her by kissing and sucking on her breasts and nipples, stroking her thighs, and kissing her lips. You can leave the final stimulation of the clitoris right at the end when you know she is about to come!

6. It might be the same old … but communication is really key

You don’t have to talk bluntly about sex with your partner so that it sounds all clinical, but if you have gotten time to know your partner and understand her likes and dislikes, and communicate in a kind, loving, and confident way, you will know exactly how to please each other [5].

7. It takes time

Guys who want to really give their woman the best possible oral sex experience should expect to put in some time. It might be a ‘wham-bam- thank-you-mam’ matter when it’s about hookups, but not if you and your partner are in a committed relationship. Then it needs to be something that has had a little bit more investment put into it. It might take your lady some time to be ready to be brought to orgasm. So if you want to take a break, don’t do it abruptly – just move to others parts of her body, massaging and kissing her.

8. Realize that oral sex doesn’t always end in orgasm

One sexpert says that “When people want to put in the time and energy to be really good at giving oral sex, they get really disappointed when there’s not this fireworks orgasm at the end.”  It is certainly wonderful if your partner does love receiving pleasure from oral sex, but remember, for you, her guy, that giving your partner pleasure is the end goal and not the orgasm.


There is no doubt that going down on your partner and performing cunnilingus, eating her out with oral sex, this act has the potential to be intensely pleasurable for both of you, as long as you’ve spoken about it between you and you have the right information about it. One sex therapist says that receiving oral sex is a lot like eating sushi ‘When it’s bad, it’s bad; but when it’s good, it’s good.’ Tweak your techniques a bit with our 8 saucy tips and watch you and your babe experience the most pleasure possible. Once again, the orgasm part doesn’t have to be the end goal of any type of sex. If both of you experience orgasms, that’s a real win for both of you. But one thing we are sure of is that if you follow the above tips, you will no doubt be applauding yourself for knowing what you both need, and then being comfortable enough to share that with your partner. Then the rest is easy.