April 23, 2024

Even though orgasms generally all work the same for men, each guy is going to experience theirs differently. Some people believe their orgasms are wonderful, the end of wonderful sex. But some people believe that even though they have good orgasms, there is belief that they can achieve even better orgasms that blow their minds.

For men, orgasms are one of their favorite topics when they’re with their mates. Men love sex so much that all it takes is a bit of stimulation and then it’s the BOOM moment! Some don’t even realize that there are some very sensitive spots that really can result in intense sexual pleasure that they might not even know of! One area is the frenulum area [1]. It’s just underneath the head. Then the perineum area – that the skin between the testicles and the anus. And then there’s the prostate gland which can be stimulated by massaging the perineum.

We know you want even stronger and more pleasurable orgasms, and we’ve got 8 ways to show you!

Living on the edge

One complaint guys will have about orgasms is that they don’t last long enough! But if you are a guy who wants to prolong the experience, get to know about edging [2]. Maybe you know all about it already! It is about orgasm control. It requires you to go slower on the stimulation before you climax. It will take quite a bit of self-control, but some have said that when you edge, you are going to experience a much more explosive end.

Squeeze, please

A fantastic way to give you an enhanced orgasm is to do something called “the squeeze technique.” What you do here is place your thumb and index finger around the shaft of the penis. Then you squeeze slightly just before you reach the moment where you know it is inevitable to ejaculate. Don’t forget here, that ejaculation and orgasm are two separate things that happen [3]. It requires practice but the more you do practice, you’ll soon be able to reach or attain the sensation of orgasming but without ejaculation. If you nail that skill you could get really close to achieving multiple orgasms.

Excited now?

Because you’ll be wildly ecstatic to realize that there are a certain group of muscles can that can help you achieve all the above. Guys often think of Kegel exercises as something women do for their female genitalia. But men also have pelvic floors. Working the pelvic floor can lead to huge orgasmic perks. Some guys like to practice these exercises by stopping their urine midstream. Others like to cover their erect penises with a towel and watch their penis move as they engage the Kegel muscles. If you gain control over this area, you will be able to perform the “squeeze technique” without using your hands.

Correct breathing

If you breathe properly you can have better sex – and that’s for real. Deep breathing actually helps to engage the pelvic floor, to improve circulation and cognition. Watch how your energy levels receive a boost – all these lead to more powerful, energetic, quality sex.

Keep toying around

Sex toys are big, big business. It’s true that the sex industry is more about female sexual pleasure, but there are still some top-quality products for men, for instance cock rings. You wear this at the base of your penis with the idea being that the blood doesn’t flow out of your cock when it’s erected. Imagine how that will intensify your hard-on, keeping it erect for longer. You also get vibrating rings.  You and your partner can enjoy rumbles-in-the-jungle fun!

Balls to make you bounce

During sex, the penis derives a whole lot of pleasure. But did you know that your body has heaps of very erogenous zones apart from your penis – like you scrotum and testicles. These areas contain highly sensitive nerve endings and they respond highly to stimulation. Some men love to lie back and enjoy some gentle pulling sensations while others like some lapping and licking sensations. Go ahead and play some ball and see what tickles your fancies.

Your pleasure center

Men, as we know, have hanging genitalia. But there are some hidden treasures too, like the prostate. This organ is situated about two inches below the rectum. It’s near the scrotum. The perineum, which is the most direct approach, requires some penetration. You can do this via the anus. Insert your finger, using the “come hither” motion, towards your naval. Feel for a squishy gland that is not big, about the size of a walnut. This area has been known to provide huge pleasures and has even been dubbed “the male G-spot.”

Clean eating intensifies the pleasures

What you eat will have a huge impact on your sexual performance and orgasms. Experts say that you should try and stay away from all kinds of junk food – that’s if you want to be a rock-hard rock star in the sack. For instance, if you suffer from poor cardiovascular health, you could be looking at a common cause of erectile dysfunction. That would be a result of clogged vessels which will make it hard for blood to flow easily into your penis. Obese men have also been linked to low testosterone levels in men. This doesn’t all mean you have to be so caught up and restrictive with your diet. Just follow good eating habits and good sources of healthy proteins, carbs, and fats [4].

Booze will hold you back

Sure, alcohol is fun, especially when you are with your friends. But alcohol can rob you of your erections, and there is such a thing as whiskey dick. Even science can prove it [5]. Remember that alcohol is a depressant. It is known to be able to affect parts of the nervous system known to be key to arousal and orgasms. Try caffeinated beverages which are known to help with the boosting of circulation. The more blood rushing through your veins, the stronger your erection will be. While we’re at it, smoking cigarettes can also harm your blood vessels and also curb blood flow to the penis. It’s the nicotine that makes blood vessels contract – this can hamper blood flow to the penis.


We hope this look at all the unique pleasure points that you as a guy possess has helped you to see and understand a lot about your body – and how you can have them stimulated by your partner to extra explosive, extra sexy orgasms!

And sometimes your penis can even let you down a bit. It can get soft when you want it to be hard during sexual activities. And then, often, when you do get an erection, you ejaculate too soon. Your penis does require care and maintenance, and when you follow some of the solid tips above that we have given you, you can expect your penis to thank you with extra pleasurable, extra explosive orgasms.