April 23, 2024

“Sometimes you need a second chance because time wasn’t ready for the first time”

When it comes to sex, men are able to ejaculate much faster than a woman who has an orgasm. So a guy can’t be selfish and reach his orgasm within a couple of minutes and then not let his partner have her fun and pleasures as well, right? Sometimes after a guy has ejaculated, he feels a bit spent and sleepy; he will turn around and go off to sleep! Some guys who have no etiquette in sex don’t understand that the woman lying next to them needs foreplay and attention to get her to orgasm.

These are your choices, basically

  • As we said above, you can either just knock off to sleep
  • Or you can pay attention to her and see that she gets plenty of her share of stimulation to bring her to orgasm
  • Or you can wait for some time to pass so that you can gear up for a second round and ensure that she gets her full satisfaction

Did you know there is a refractory period?

Lots of guys know the frustration of having great sex and then waiting to go for a second time around – only to find they physically can’t. There’s a time period of being able to and not being able to, and it’s called the refractory period [1]. And they are all different times for different guys.

So what is it really?

The refractory period is the time immediately after a guy ejaculates and has an orgasm. Either, whether he is physiologically or psychologically unable to go a second round, this time period can last from a couple of minutes to a couple of days! And researchers aren’t even really sure of why this refractory period even occurs in men, or what the specific biological processes are that cause it.

If you’re an older man, it can take from 12 to 24 hours before you are physically up to having sex again. But there are some techniques you can try to try and reduce this refractory period. Some men use erectile dysfunction medications. They try stuff like Sildenafil which is a generic type of Viagra. Other lifestyle changes can also help to shorten the refractory period and enhance your sexual performance. These could be more exercise and eating healthily. There isn’t a whole lot of research on exercises to reduce the refractory period, but we all know that being active and maintaining a healthy body weight are top requirements for not only your physical health but your sexual health as well.

Men need to pay close attention to their cardiovascular health

This is because erections are all about blood flowing freely [2] and cleanly through the body. If you are a guy who is finding it difficult to get hard again after the first round of sex, and more so if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, then focusing on your cardiovascular health will help. Eating healthily, cutting out smoking and alcohol as much as possible, and reducing your salt intake all will have a positive influence on your sexual health and performance.

Here are some excellent tips if you want to prepare for the second round of sex

Did you know that the second round of sex can be more satisfying than the first [3]? So here are our tips –

Remember to chill out

After the first round, you need to relax for a bit. Maybe hop into a nice cool shower to cool down. Call your girl in to share the shower with you, rubbing some gel on each other with some hot kisses. This will stir the body for the second round of pleasure.

Communicate and keep in touch with your partner whilst waiting for the second round

Lovers who talk to each other about their wants and desires have better sex and a healthier relationship – according to research [4]. Apart from telling each other what your likes and dislikes are, share your most intimate fantasies and desires with each other.


When you come out of the shower lie down on the bed and let your girl do some magic on you. Put on some sexy music and enjoy some oral sex to get you both heated up for another round.

A sexy massage 

Ask your girl to give you a sexy massage using soft movements and touching you on all your pleasure points. When you start to feel aroused, you can start to massage her back lightly with your hands. Slowly move to her breasts and tickle her and get her further aroused as you notice your own penis getting hard again.

Time for erection 

If she is nicely lubricated from all the attention she is getting, and your erection is hard, then you can enter her. You need to try and control your excitement, taking your mind off ejaculating to hold it longer so your girl can get to her boiling point as well.

When you can’t keep the erection any longer

Then it’s time to keep her going with foreplay. Use your fingers to massage her G-spot near the vagina. Lick, suck, and massage her other sensitive areas. Get her very excited through your foreplay tricks so that she reaches her boiling point faster.


Unless you are a very young guy, it will take a while for a guy who has an orgasm to be totally ready for another go; a second go. But it is indeed possible and we have given you excellent tips to prepare for your second round. We have also told you about the refractory period and that this period between your orgasm and your next erection can take from just a few minutes to several hours to recover, and even longer for older men. If your refractory time does concern you, you can always chat with your healthcare provider. But if you are taking care of your health and fitness and you are an eager beaver, well then, there is no real reason why you can’t get it on a second time and be revving your engines sooner rather than later!