July 15, 2024
anal sex orgasm

Most men fantasize about anal sex. For many, it’s unexplored territory, the final, and maybe the best place to conquer. And when it comes to people of all genders, they are learning that anal sex has to be part of their sexual menu.

But how do you serve it up? We are going to give you 15 orgasmic anal positions that might make you want to make anal sex your main course dish in the future. Just wait and see ….

Let’s get to those 15 of the best anal sex position for newer and experienced anal sex lovers

Remember the best position for you will be what works best for you and your partner. Communication and consent are key to all sexual positions. Then you can be A for anal sex away!

How it benefits men

It will depend on the position, but anal sex stimulates the prostate. This leads to full-body orgasms that kind of dwarf other climaxes.

How it benefits women

For women, anal sex can stimulate the G-spot and also the A-spot [1]. Women can also orgasm from A-spot stimulation. The orgasms are thought to be longer and more intense than vaginal orgasms.

By the way: (We are using ‘man’ and ‘woman’ for descriptions to cut down all the long descriptions. But all these positions are for all genders, etc.).

1. Missionary

This position is great when you start your anal experiences. It’s intimate and you maintain eye contact. The woman will lie on her back. Her legs will be spread wide apart. The man will lie on her, facing her and holding himself up with his arms. Once in position, the man will start to penetrate the woman. She should let him know how deep he can go and also the pace.

2. Doggy Style 

The woman will get down on all fours. The man will kneel down behind her. With this position, the woman has the freedom to move around and arch her back or move her hips as he thrusts. The woman can either thrust back into him by pushing off her hands or the man can be like a jackhammer and let the woman do the receiving.

3. LeapFrog

This position is similar to the doggy style, but this one allows for deeper anal play. The woman will kneel down but she will put her head down on her arms as if lying down. The man will be behind her as in the doggy style and he can grab onto her hips while thrusting.

leap frog

4. The Bulldog Position

This position is called the bulldog position as it’s a bit more of a dominating position. The man will get into the standard doggy-style position. He will do all the work. He will stand over the woman with his feet on the sides of the woman’s hips and knees. He will squat down until he is low enough to slip his dick into her butt. When he is pounding into her butt, she can even push back a bit if she wants even more intensity.


5. Reverse Missionary

This position is just a bit sexier than the standard missionary position. It gives the man the chance to drive his penis deep into his partner’s butt. A big turn-on for guys is to see their partner’s butt and this position provides the guy a front-row seat to the live action. The woman will be lying on her belly. The man will straddle her thighs just below her butt. He will then penetrate her booty – don’t forget the lubes. In this position, she can squeeze her legs and buttocks tighter together to control the man’s thrusting if she finds it a bit intense. Then she can loosen up when she wants the fun to keep going.


6. Burning Man Position

The most important thing you will need for this position is a table to lean on for the woman. The man will be standing upright behind the woman. While she leans across the table, he will enter her ass and start to thrust into her. Remember you get sex cushions to use to lean on when performing any of the above or below sex positions.

 7. The See Saw

In the See-Saw position, you are both facing each other. This position gets started with the woman sitting on the bed or the floor with her hands behind her to support her. The man will also be sitting facing her but his legs will be straight out to the side of her. The man will be the lower partner with his legs under the woman. She will have to do quite a bit of the work here. But he will love watching her explode with ecstasy.

8. Lap Dance

The man will sit down on a chair with his legs closed. The woman will sit on him, facing away from him. It will be just as if she is giving him a lap dance. Once she is on his penis, she can twist and turn to her heart’s content and rock herself to a climax. Because the man and woman are both sitting, their hands are free to pleasure each other even more.

9. The Lotus

This position is a favorite for many couples because it is intimate and comfortable. The man will sit on the bed – his legs will be crossed. The woman will sit on the man’s lap with her legs wrapped around his hips and waist. It will give the man the perfect angle to get his penis deep inside her.

10. The Anal Spooning position

In the anal spooning position, you get a good chance of holding your partner close, with your bodies intertwined. This position is just like the spooning position, but instead of the man’s penis going into the woman’s vagina, it will go into her butt.

11. The Pile Driver

This is quite an extreme position as you will see from the illustration. It’s a position giving the woman a hard and deep penetration. The woman will need to be very flexible for this position. She will be bent over completely with her ankles near her head.

To enjoy receiving the Pile Driver, the woman will lie on her back, bringing her legs up over her head. Her upper back and head will be on the floor. The man can grab her butt and bring it as high up in the air as it can go. Then he will lower himself onto her butt. His legs will be on either side of her hips. He will need to bend over a bit to get his erect penis directly into her butt to start thrusting away!

12. On your stomach

This position is just that – on the stomach. A sex pillow will help to elevate her bum and allow her to wiggle her hips to feel the penis’s depth. She can pull her legs together if she wants a tighter squeeze, and spread them further apart if it is too intense for her.

13. The Water Fountain

The Water Fountain position is ideal for giving the woman scintillating oral sex – And to add in some anilingus [2] (anal licking). She will sit on the bathroom countertop or basin. The man will kneel between her legs which are hanging down. She will lean back while he spreads her legs apart and starts eating her out. She can put her feet on his shoulders and give him excellent access to her anus for anilingus and anal play.

14. The Forbidden Fruit

The woman will kneel on the bed.  Her legs will be open with her body straight. Her head will be down. She is in the perfect position to receive both anilingus and cunnilingus! The man will kneel behind her and start to

eat her out. He can stimulate her clit and anus with his lips and tongue. He can slide his ring and index finger into her vagina, using a ‘come-hither’ motion to stimulate her G-spot. Then he can penetrate her vagina or anus until she moans with pleasure.

15. The Hero

Couples love this position because it is another face-to-face position. A sex cushion is placed under the woman’s butt while she lies on the bed. She will extend her arms along her body. He will kneel between her legs. He will then raise one of her legs and hold onto either her thigh or her ankle. He will reach down and penetrate her with his well-lubricated penis.


Once again, with these fantastic anal positions, communication is what will achieve results. Anal sex is something exciting for you and your partner to explore and you can try all the different positions at leisure. Then you two will find the special one that brings about delightful orgasms for both of you. Just don’t forget the lube! Because anal sex is thought to be able to spice up your love life and open the door (so to speak ;)) to intense and long-lasting pleasures!