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Lots of people do realize that their sex lives, for many, many reasons, aren’t what they used to be or could be. Many know it, and they long for the fireworks they used to have in the earlier days. They long for that close intimacy again. They conjure up images of a spiced up sex...
‘Roses are red, Violets are blue, I only do anal, I thought you knew’ Most of us have got a friend of a friend, right, that has tried anal sex. They either brag about it or talk of disastrous outcomes. Lots of people love the thought of trying the unknown; they want to try it...
Every day, sexual psychologists and other experts encounter people asking questions about their sexual libido. And even the experts will tell you that there are no easy magic pills to solve things when it comes to such a complex problem. Some experts will tell you that when it comes to sexual matters and sexual libido,...
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