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Your girlfriend might have let on to you that she has another best friend in her life; her vibrator. She introduced you to this friend, nestled cozily inside her underwear. Regarding sex toys for women, bet you didn’t know that 53% of women, according to a 2009 Journal of Sexual Medicine survey, have used a vibrator.

G-Spot Vibrators

If you as a woman have found your G-spot and had it stimulated before, you will know just what a heavenly sensation that is. 

Boost Sex Libido

Every day, sexual psychologists and other experts encounter people asking questions about their sexual libido.

Women Anal Sex

Most of us have got a friend of a friend, right, that has tried anal sex. They either brag about it or talk of disastrous outcomes.

Spice Up Sex Life

Lots of people do realize that their sex lives, for many, many reasons, aren’t what they used to be or could be. 

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