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Best Sex Toys for Women That Experts Recommend

Your girlfriend might have let on to you that she has another best friend in her life; her vibrator. She introduced you to this friend, nestled cozily inside her underwear. She told you that she turned to this friend to help her achieve the big O. She wants to introduce this friend to you.

Regarding sex toys for women, bet you didn’t know that 53% of women, according to a 2009 Journal of Sexual Medicine survey, have used a vibrator [1]. They, like your friend, claim that this friend arouses them, allowing them to become fully lubricated, and to reach an orgasm!

Is using a vibrator healthy?

One sex therapist, Lee Phillips, says it’s not only vibrators that add new dimensions to your sex life, but that sex toys can really amount to some sizzling encounters. They add excitement and creativity reaching sexual levels you never ever dreamed of! Phillips says, “Routine sex and masturbation can get boring, so why not spice it up and try something new? Sex toys can help you achieve the orgasm you desire.”

It’s not the easiest thing to search for the right sex toy for women though. But don’t worry. We’ve got the top ones here. All you will need to do is choose and buy. Sex toys have been researched by experts too! [2] All of these have been researched by top sex experts, who included some of their own personal recommendations!

The products are safe and are made from materials that are non-toxic, coming from a list of highly reputable and inclusive sellers.

So without further ado, here are our top 2022 choices, just for you!

As a beginner, you will love Satisfyer Pro 2+

A sex therapist, Aliyah Moore recommends this little toy to gals who are new to the sex toy world. Women who are looking to enjoy explosive orgasms without penetration will love this. The Satisfyer stimulates the clitoris by using pressure waves. The intensity of the stimulation will allow you to experience multiple orgasms without having anything inside of you. The Satisfyer has a medical silicone mouth that provides the clitoris with suction. All you do is lie back and feel waves of pleasure rolling over you.

  • Top-rated air-pulse technology
  • Strong suction
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Gets louder on the higher settings

For couples – Dame Eva

Dame Eva is light, buzzy, and an external-only clitoral stimulator. Sex therapist Rachel Wright says that “The Eva’s slim and compact design allows it to stay in place comfortably while the three-speed motor can reliably get you to orgasm with your partner.” For women playing with sex toys, Dame Eva will dole out pleasure to your body. Dame Eva is made from medical-grade silicone material [3].


  • Ideal for partnered sex
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable


  • Needs experimentation to place it just right

Lovehoney BASICS Mini Vibrator

This mini-vibrator is an AA-battery-operated one. It has angled tips. These help to directly stimulate the erogenous zones and clitoral area whether you are going solo or with a partner. It is 5-inches long with multi-speed dialing for variety and intensity. It stays quiet doing its job. This vibrator is made with hard plastic ABS materials [4]. Everything is phthalate-free and latex-free, so it’s very safe for the genitals.  As Aliyah Moore says, “It gets the job done for a toy that costs less than your average trip to Starbucks.”


  • For a basic vibrator, you get excellent value
  • Water-resistant


  • Not rechargeable
  • Vibration might not be sufficiently strong

Happy Rabbit Realistic Dual Density Rabbit Vibrator – good for dual stimulation

This one has a lot of exciting pulsation and vibration features. It’s made with soft dual-density silicone and ABS – making your sexual play super safe. It’s also got multiple massaging stimulations. How does ‘flickering rabbit ears’ to tickle your clitoris sound? Then it’s got a nice curve on the shaft of the toy to deliver pulsating movements on your G-spot or the prostate for men.  It’s ideal for those looking for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.


  • Pliable and soft for use on the anus or vagina
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof


  • Some say it’s a bit big in their hands

The discreet Crave Vesper

If you don’t like the thought of others knowing about your sex toys, as far as adult toys for women go, this one you can carry with you wherever you go. It looks like an art-piece hanging around your neck. It’s made from high-polish stainless steel and is only 3-inches long. It looks serene and beautiful, but it delivers an intense vibration to your clitoris. Once it’s worn out and done its job you can wear it out in the open, because not only is it sexy in its action, but sexy to look at too!


  • Stylish and discreet when you’re on the go
  • Rechargeable
  • Water-resistant


  • The charging can get worn down over time

The Womanizer Pro40 – a stimulator for oral sex

This little number is all about air technology stimulation to your clitoris. There is no direct contact. This means you receive plenty of pleasure but never overstimulate the nerves. It has six levels of intensity and plenty of hours of battery life. One sex therapist expert, Bat Sheva Marcus says that she recommends this brand often because “It’s not inexpensive, but because the suction needs to be fairly powerful, it’s worth paying up for this. Many women claim that it feels like having oral sex.  So if you fancy that, this one will be just for you!


  • USB-charging cable
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof


  • The vibration could be stronger

Great for clitoral stimulation – The Magic Wand

Like many of us have that little black dress in our wardrobe, this toy is the ‘little black dress’ in the sex toy world. Reliable and consistent, you wave your Magic Wand when you’re in the mood for some strong orgasms and massaging. It is rechargeable and comes with a very easy-to-clean silicone head. This little number will work on all your pleasure zones and even soothe other tired and weary parts of the body such as your neck, shoulders, and back after a long day of work or traveling.


  • Long battery life
  • Plug-in and battery options
  • Rechargeable


Bulky size

Not waterproof

Gay women will love Wet for Her’s Two Finger Extender

This finger extender is ideal for stimulating the G-spot. The concept of this vibrator is like two natural fingers. You slip your natural fingers into the toy fingers. The material used for the finger is totally body safe. You can feel your body responding as if the soft fingers are natural. It is ideal for partnered or solo masturbation. Those who love finger-play sex will find this toy a playful companion.


  • Possibly more comfortable than using a dildo
  • Water-resistant


For some, the material is not soft or flexible enough

The innovative Lovense Nora

“I have to admit I don’t get off from penetration alone, and I know most people don’t either. That’s where rabbit vibrators with clitoral and internal stimulation come in,” says Aliya Moore. The Nora has an external vibrating arm. This delivers rumbling vibes to the clitoral area. It has insertable arms that rotate instead of vibrating to stimulate the G-spot. It’s innovative because it’s an app-controlled vibrator and can be used from far away or at close range. It makes it a super-duper sex toy for long-distance relationships. Aliya says “You can even sync it to your favorite playlist or your partner’s voice.”  


Ideal for long-distance relationships





Customers say there are problems with the toy staying charged

Some excellent tips to remember

Your sexuality is part of taking care of yourself

Sexual preferences change over time. You need to be in rhythm with your body’s likes and dislikes which can change over time. You can prioritize pleasure via masturbation to discover what you love and nurture those connections to your body. Sex toys allow you to work through shame issues and to discover new sexual ground.

Be in touch with your body

When you’re in touch with your body, you will know what sex toys you will love. Do you want to spice up your solo sex life or with your partner? Do you love the thought of some of the best vibrators doing the work for you while you fantasize? Do you battle with achieving an orgasm? The touch the vibrator delivers will also help you to choose.

Raising the sensations you already enjoy

Look for a toy imagining what you would like in bed. If you like masturbating with your fingers, you will enjoy vibrators that vibrate your clitoris. If you enjoy the feel of flickering on your clitoris, you will enjoy the toy that mimics this, like the air ones, the ticklers, or the suction ones.  You also get dual-stimulation vibrators for both penetrative and clitoral stimulation if that’s what you fancy.

Try them out to satisfy your curiosity

Maybe it’s time to broaden your horizons and experiment a bit with sex toys – new kinks. You might be curious about anal beads, internal g-spot vibrators, or remote-controlled vibrators. What about trying some moves from your fave porno movie? They all help you to play out your secret sexual fantasies. Check out this guide to using and choosing the best vibrators for women.

Make sure the materials are right

Not all sex toys are the same. The FDA doesn’t regulate this industry as sex toys aren’t considered medical devices. So be sure of the chemical makeup in your sex toys. You don’t want dangerous compounds in your body. “Don’t use toys made from anything besides silicone, borosilicate glass, or stainless steel. It’s OK if a handle is made of ABS plastic, but anything going on or in your bits needs to be body-safe,” says Rachel Wright.

Plenty of lube

It is not necessary to rely on your natural lubrication to get you charged up. Wright says lube “makes everything better.” The right amount will depend on whether you use it externally or internally. Just apply the lube to your toy or your body.

Cleaning your toys

You need a sex toy cleaner [5] that’s gentle enough for the genitals but strong enough to get rid of all bacteria.  Some people say gentle soap and water are fine. It is recommended to rather use something that does not mess up your delicate vaginal pH. (Check out this guide about how to exactly clean every sex toy around) 

Cleaning tips below

  • Store sex toys in a temperature-controlled place to prevent bacteria from growing
  • Don’t store silicone on silicone. The microscopic holes for bacteria growth.
  • If your toy has glass or stainless steel somewhere, boil the toy, particularly if you use them anally. If they are only used vaginally on just one person, a toy cleaner is OK
  • Clean your sex toys before and after use for ultimate hygiene
  • Leave your sex toys in the air to try out well, or towel dry thoroughly


You can have great fun with the best sex toys in the bedroom. Just do your research and enjoy the fun of experimentation to find the one that’s ideal for you. Sex toys are a great starting point to meet your sexual needs and keep your sex life sizzling. And you don’t even have to stop at just one toy—you can get as many as you want as we have shown you above. Enjoy the ride!


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