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All You Want To Know About The Splitting Bamboo Sex Position

bamboo sex position

Are you looking for a little more exciting adventure in your sex life? Whenever you have sex, is it just the standard missionary position routine?  You might be absolutely longing for something fresh and new, something that will ignite both you and your partner. But you are afraid to ask them or suggest it to them.

Well, the Splitting Bamboo sex position will certainly do that for you. Basically, it is the woman lying on her back. One leg is in the air and the other is on the bed resting. The man will then straddle her lower leg. The other leg he will raise to rest on his shoulder. See what an easy and yet highly satisfactory sex position this creates for him to thrust away and add some excitement again.

With this position, the woman can become excited again too. She will notice and experience the sensations of the deep penetrations from the man’s thrusting. This position might be the answer for that extra spiciness in your love life that you were looking for!

The man is on top but the woman is offered plenty of control

Even though the man is on the top doing the penetrating work, the woman on the bottom has plenty of control. Just by changing the position of her vagina, the man has the perfect chance to hit her G-spot which will have her feeling that she is in control of the show.

No sweat, no worries with the Splitting Bamboo position

Look at these statistics for the position:

  • Intimacy level: 9
  • Naughty factor: 7
  • Chance of orgasm for the man: 8
  • Chance of orgasm for the woman: 8

As you can see by the pic we have included above, this position isn’t hard to do – all it really requires is a bit of flexibility from both of you. But then all sex positions require a bit of energy and flexibility, don’t they?  It’s easy enough for the woman on the bottom to raise her leg high enough so that her partner can enter her. And all he has to do is to lower his body down between her legs. Once you both are in position, it’s an easy position to maintain, relax, and enjoy. Both of you can rock back and forth. The woman can even use her feet to push her partner deeper into her.

The Splitting Bamboo is a great position for vaginal and anal sex

This sex position is excellent for both vaginal sex and anal sex because of the deep penetration it offers. As we mentioned above, the woman gets a lot of control over this position. She will be able to adjust the angle of her vagina to target her G-spot for whatever feels orgasmic for her.

For anal sex, it is also a great position. The woman flips over onto her stomach and widens her legs so that her partner has easy access to her anus. If she isn’t used to anal sex, this position gives her control with her legs to narrow them or widen them for comfort and safety sake.

Are there any benefits of the Splitting Bamboo sex position?

Yes, there are. But the most obvious one is the deep penetration that is offered through this method. If the woman is delighted at the thought of hitting her G-spot, the man will love to surprise her by doing just that! And as we said above, it’s a relatively easy position to do. There are no major contortions to practice for or any effort required to ensure that it works out just right. If you are able to get into the starting position, you are A-for away.

Another benefit of this position is that it suits different-sized bodies. You don’t have to be matching in size and height for this position to work. Just as long as you are both comfortable, it’s a sex position where both get something ‘sexational’ out of it!

Are there any drawbacks to this position?

Remember, as we mentioned above, this is an excellent sex position for deep penetration. OK, not all people are comfortable with deep penetration. Some find it uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and even not arousing. It will depend entirely on what satisfies you as a couple.

Are there variations of the Splitting Bamboo sex position?

There are a few variations of this sex position that can add bring even more heat and excitement into your bedroom:

The Elevated Splitting Bamboo: This variation is similar to the original position. There is just one key difference. Instead of the woman resting her one leg on the man’s shoulder, she rests it on a pillow or some other object. It also allows for deep penetration.

The Double Splitting Bamboo: This variation is for the more adventurous couples. The woman will raise both her legs in the air. The man will straddle both her legs, entering her from above. Here you get to face each other and watch the enjoyment for each other.

The Reverse Splitting Bamboo: This variation shows the woman on top. She is the one controlling the depth of penetration and the speed of thrusting from the man.

Adding sex toys can enhance this position even more!

Because Splitting Bamboo is all about deep penetration, it’s the perfect position to bring out sex toys to do the job as well. A dildo or a vibrator can add intense excitement and pleasure, particularly for the woman. Anal beads can be inserted before getting into position and as the woman climaxes, the man pulls them out – for a wild ride! Then there’s a butt plug that can spice things up big time. It puts pressure on the anus for an explosive climax. Don’t forget the lube!

Other sex positions that might tickle your fancy

The Reverse Cowgirl: In this position, the girl will be on top, but facing away from her partner’s face. She gets excellent G-spot stimulation in this variation.

The Scissors: In this position, the woman’s legs are intertwined with her partner’s. This position is perfect for adding some extra clitoral stimulation.

Doggy Style: This position offers deep penetration and is excellent for G-spot stimulation and exciting manual clitoral simulation too.

The Missionary position: This classic position is always a great one and one of the most popular sexual positions. It’s perfect for when you want intimacy and eye contact with your partner.


The Splitting Bamboo sex position is the perfect way to add that extra excitement into your sex life if you feel like spicing things up in the bedroom. It allows for deep penetration, which is guaranteed to please both partners. And of course, sex toys can spice things up even more.

The woman on the bottom gets to feel she has some control which just adds to increasing her chances of hitting her G-spot. So hey – you were looking for something saucier to add to your bedroom activities. We believe you just found it here in the Splitting Bamboo position!

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