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5+ Types of Woman Men Would Easily Sleep With? (Plus 5 More!)

Whether you like it or not, guys who want to connect with a girl on a casual basis or just a quick hook-up are not too worried about what they get in a girl to sleep with. But a guy who wants to become involved with a girl on a permanent basis; in a long-term committed relationship definitely dreams of a sexpot, beautiful gal on his arm. Today’s independent women are no longer the typical housewives with a couple of kids en-tow, waiting for daddy to come home with dinner prepared and sex maybe later on.

Today’s woman is a different kettle of fish. The women of today are taking over the world, becoming presidents, top CEOs of companies, and more. They are aggressive go-getters. Putting aside attractiveness and sexiness for a while that men consider tops, let’s look at the types of women that men are looking for that they would easily sleep with today –

A woman that laughs at all sorts of things including his jokes

He doesn’t want a woman that lives her life through her social media account, needing to impress and be impressed. He loves the woman who can talk vividly about her passions and is capable of initiating conversation with him, where conversations are kept alive by backward and forward interactions with both sides showing equal interest in each other.

She is smart and works hard, not believing she is a princess with a prima donna attitude

This one speaks for itself. She is a woman who probably has her own job. She is also a woman who is not looking for someone to take care of her and her kids, and then still has a prima donna attitude to go along with it.

She is compassionate and kind

She is herself and wants to be herself, irrespective of what everyone around her thinks. She shows compassion for the old and for animals and treats everyone the same.

She is independent and sure of herself, able to have a life outside of the relationship that a guy brings

She owns her own sexuality; being someone who can admit that she enjoys sex and wants to have it.

She is ambitious and has goals and plans for her own life that don’t require a relationship to fulfill it

Studies in the last decade or so show men these days care about their partner’s pleasure equally to theirs. They, themselves, have much deeper emotional needs than were seen in the past [1]. These days, it is easy to be deluded about the sexual norms of today.

She must be someone he can feel emotionally connected to

A study shows that when there is a lack of emotional connection to a long-term partner, sexual desire in men is inhibited [2].  Three of the top desires men needed most were to feel wanted, not to experience the fear of rejection, and to not experience a lack of emotional connection with their partners.

He wants his partner to desire him

One study back in 2021 reported on gender roles that are shifting today. The male participants long to still “feel desired.”  In another survey, 12% of men reported that they didn’t feel their partner desired them.

Men want their partners to show them tenderness

In the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy in 2021, it is mentioned that men felt desired when their partners complimented them on how they looked, their clothes, and how their bodies looked. Indiana University researchers with the Kinsey Institute noted from another study that “tenderness” mattered more to men than it did to women.

Men want their women to have orgasms and to share fantasies without judgment

Men did report higher self-esteem and feeling masculine if their women had orgasms. One study from 2017 [3] showed that men were more motivated to please their partners and to enhance closeness than to react to sexual desire. And a study from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships [4] reported that men who were in long-term, heterosexual relationships were happier with their sex lives and relationships with whom they had open sexual communication with their partners. When you avoid talking about your sexual desires and needs, you don’t get to know your partner well. As soon as you tell your partner who you are, there is the potential to develop a bond that a guy might otherwise never have known.

Men want communication from their partners

Some men report that they find it hard to get women to talk openly and honestly to them about their preferences in bed. Sex therapists say that they hear this all the time from heterosexual couples; that they never talk about these important things. In one study, 30% of men said that when their partner communicated with them and let them know what they wanted sexually, it made them feel desired.


So, are you a woman that finds that you tick all the boxes that a guy finds attractive in a woman and would easily sleep with you? If you are a single woman who has kissed heaps of toads but never landed the guy you really want, then read this article. Perhaps you do not have any of the qualities that make a lot of men fall for a woman today and be willing to walk down the aisle. It appears that men look for many similar things that a lot of women also seek in a man.

If you have a really good relationship with your partner, with much humor, communication, and love involved, then you are most likely, also, to have a good sexual relationship with them as well. With hook-ups becoming the norm of the day and relationships becoming much more short-term and insecure, it’s no wonder men and women of today are wondering who they can really sleep with and trust without it causing loads of stress. Stress can lead to sexual disorders too. If you can find a partner that gives you joy, pleasure, love, and lasting commitment, then your sexual life and orgasms fall naturally into place! Good luck!


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