June 25, 2024
Cowgirl Sex Position For Maximal Pleasure

The cowgirl position is a fantastic sex position for girls looking to explore their own pleasures. Women love the cowgirl position. It allows them the opportunity to be free to control their own movements to satisfy their desires etc. That’s what  Rachel Smith,  couples and sex therapist in private practice says.

The man is willing to do it till the cows come home

The man will lie on his back with his legs straight out. Then the girl will sit on him, facing him, just like she is mounting a horse, so to speak. Of course, he would be aroused by their sex play, enabling her to go down on his hard penis. If she wants even more than his penis, there are fantastic sex toys to play with and insert into her vagina as well.

Girls love the control it gives them

Girls love this riding position on top so much. It’s because they get to choose the depth, pace, and angle of penetration. It all helps them decide what feels best for them. Rachel Smith goes on to say that the cowgirl position allows greater friction on the clitoris which is really the magical pleasure center of a woman. She says that stimulating the clitoris is much more likely to cause a woman to have an orgasm. One survey from 2015 days says that 37% of women said they could only orgasm if their clitoris was stimulated [1].

Let’s check out this powerful sex position for women with 5 ways to try it out

  1. Go horizontal: The most traditional form of cowgirl is when the girl is on top riding upright on her partner. But she can lean down so that she is almost resting on her partner’s chest for additional pleasures, either to her breasts or her lips. Penetration in this way can also achieve fantastic G-spot stimulation.
  • The guy can also be sitting up: This will mean that both the partners’ bodies are upright. For the guy, this angle will make it easier for him to stimulate her body with his mouth, from her lips to her neck, and also her chest. It is very intimate like this, almost like an embrace.
  • Or you can try a squatting position: The most common cowgirl position is where the girl is straddling the guy. But if she is flexible, she might be interested in squatting over her guy with the bottom of her feet on the bed. This will allow her extra power and push while she is bouncing.
  • She can go into the reverse cowgirl position: The reverse cowgirl position is a variation of the cowgirl position. The girl will face her guy’s feet this time while she bounces away. Doing it this way stimulates different areas of the body. For the girl, it will be the G-spot, and for the guy, it will be his prostate. Some couples where the girl and guy feel a bit self-conscious about such close face-to-face contact in the cowgirl position will appreciate the reverse cowgirl.
  • Introduce toys: Vibrators or cock-rings or whatever tickles their fancy are wonderful hands-free ways to increase stimulation during cowgirl. Pillows are a great tool and advantage in this position. A pillow under the guy’s glutes will help to elevate his penis for deeper penetration. The girl can place them under her knees to help her control the penetration depth – if she so wishes. Both the cowgirl and the reverse cowgirl will go down well with sex toys. The girl will love to slide a vibrating ring onto her partner’s shaft. It’s all about going on with sex but with this extra stimulation. Other incredible sex toy options to try with this position are the hands-free clitoral vibrator, a butt plug, nipple clamps, and more. Get experimenting!
  • Use your hands: Don’t forget, for the girl, while she is sitting on top, she can use her hands to play with his balls. Or she can squeeze the base of his penis. Just because a man doesn’t have breasts doesn’t mean to say his nipples are not highly sensitive to touch as well! The girl can always ask her guy what he loves and needs so she doesn’t have to guess.
  • She can take control from her partner: Heaps of guys love the thought of their girls taking control away from them. And she can do this by taking his hands and holding them above his head. Or she can restrain him with a tie or cuffs. He will love the thought of a beautiful woman restraining him and telling him not to move! Or perhaps a blindfold or two. He might just not be able to wait for his ‘freedom’ to ‘pay her back’ with some explosive sex and orgasms!


Depending on the variation you’re trying, for women, the cowgirl sex position is a great sex position to stimulate the clitoris, G-spot, nipples, and more. Women get the choice to decide how deep or fast they want to be penetrated and that will make it easy for them to orgasm. Even if you two haven’t given the Cowgirl position a spin in the bedroom, you no doubt have heard of it. So why not give it a try? It’s such a versatile position as well as such a spicy position for a woman to explore her pleasures and embrace her sexiness.

OK, some people are not as confident and cheeky as others. Being on top is not everyone’s idea of a fun sex position because all that eye contact can make people self-conscious sometimes – Particularly if you are not used to it. But it sure is worth a try. And the sensations you feel might make you want to lasso in a really intense orgasm.

  • [1] https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/0092623X.2017.1346530